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Brain WASH

I hate to be harsh but… I’m sick and tired of hearing the same old excuses.  I hear “them” “people” “they”  utter the same mindless, ignorant phrases day in and day out.

  • I don’t want to lift weights because I will bulk up
  • I need to lose weight before I begin a workout program
  • I just need to wire my mouth shut and starve for a while
  • I’m just not hungry in the morning
  • I don’t have time for lunch


People, can I please give your brain a bath?  This is such bad information and frankly not true. This nonsense is years of brain washing by gimmick advertisers or idiot health professionals who ONLY want your money.   I’m willing to bet that none of the info above is working for you?  Am I RIGHT?

The antithesis, the answer, the actual truth, the for real I’m not kidding around because I don’t joke about FITness, is…

Wait.  First do me a favor and please power wash your mind!  Let me neutralize your brain with disinfectant to be sure old habits don’t creep back into your now spotless mind.

Emboss, engrave, stain and program these words into your mind:

  • Load up on the M&M’s !!  Muscle and Metabolism
  • Lifting weights burns FAT.  It BURNS/ disintegrates fat!
  • To lose body FAT, you must exercise and lift weights to burn FAT!
  • NOT eating leads to over eating!  I repeat, NOT eating leads to overeating!
  • A hungry body is a HEALTHY body


When your tummy growls it is a HEALTHY sign you’re hungry.  So eat already!  BUT…be choosy about what goes in that precious body of yours!  Beautiful specimen, when you starve because you think or know you can lose 5 pounds in a week, you’re actually losing water weight or possibly muscle.  Once you resume eating, like a normal human SHOULD,  you gain back water weight plus some. That sucks.  It’s called yo-yo dieting.  STOP the madness.

Our bodies are like a well built automobile.  Most of us manage regular maintenance on our shiny four wheel vehicles.   We fill up with gas so the car will RUN.  We occasionally check the oil and other fluid levels.  If we are on our A game, we have the breaks checked and tires rotated because we depend on this machine to get us from point A to point B.  So listen up…if you went on strike and quit filling up your car with gas what would happen?  I’ll tell you what would happen, it would eventually stop running and leave you stranded on the side of the road.  So WHY, do you do it to your body?  Any light bulbs turning ont?

Your brain gets a signal that your hungry which is much like the low gas light in your car.  Time for a fill up ding dong!  When you keep your body fueled it continues to operate your “METABOLISM”.   Food is the gasoline that will keep your engine/metabolism revved up and RA-NNING! (totally using my Forrest Gump voice (also read Channeling my inner Forrest Gump)    If you fill up on junky fast food and crappy processed garbage, your body will not function at mock speed.  Make sense?

Ok, so the myth that lifting weights will bulk you up is a total lie.  Lifting weights burns FAT and creates lean muscle. To bulk up like a muscle head, much effort is required.  Way more effort than standard weight lifting.  Building big muscle involves a diet high in carbs, protein, weight gain protein powders, lifting UBER heavy weights, and possibly steroids.  You could train every day with weights and workout out like a mad man and I solemnly swear you will NOT bulk unless you train to build!  And have you ever seen a FAT…muscle head? NOPE didn’t think so.  They are solid muscle…not FAT.

A HIIT, high intensity internal training program will not bulk you up!  The quickest way to take weight off is to lift weights and start your engine/metabolism with a healthy meal plan. A diet consisting of high protein and non processed low carbohydrates is the key. An efficient body should run full throttle for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  When committed to losing weight the first order of thumb is to start eating! (healthy foods)  Next, you commit to a workout program that involves weight training. Lastly, you move your butt.  Start walking, jogging, swimming, biking, skipping, jumping, aerobisizing, dancing, and moving the body.


  • Fibrous vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, zucchini, squash, baked potatoes (plain and dry)
  • whole grain bread and brown rice, and pasta
  • lean piece of steak, turkey burgers, turkey chili, grilled or baked chicken and fish
  • Sushi and sashimi
  • Grilled chicken fajitas and corn tortillas
  • Skim Milk, Water, Water , Water, Non sweet iced tea, La Croix sparkling water
  • Nuts and avocado (in small portions) IMG_3886


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  1. So true! Glad you made some points clear! I sometimes hear this nonsense, too and it drives me crazy! Thanks for clearing up everything, now I can say “look at this, are you so sure about it now?”. 😉
    Also I´m also looked at weirdly or made fun of 99% of the time only because I´m a female lifting weights… There definitely is some education necessary…
    Thanks for your post! XO

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