Bringing Sweaty Back


The music today??  Somebody please help me with this.   Y'all, I love music and I never thought I would be the parent/mom to utter the words, "turn off that MUSIC!"  I mean my own mother never said such a thing. Besides I don't bark orders, I actually YELL them! (I'm from a long line… Continue reading Explicit

Bringing Sweaty Back

Rap Sensation and workout #14 (video)

Click on the link below to meet local rap super sensation straight outta Coppell representing Taking Care of U... Angi Abercrombie ↓⇓⇓⇓↓ ABERCROMBIE COFFEE RAP That's called AMBITION BABY!  (lol)  Many of you asked for it and I aim to please!  Watching Comptom and the Grammy's last week inspired me. Plus the nineties were my time.… Continue reading Rap Sensation and workout #14 (video)

Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I wake up in the morning feeling like…

I wake up in the morning feeling abundantly blessed Make my way to the closet to change and get dressed Quickly, I rush and brush at the sink.   Eagerly anticipating my delightful warm drink Coffee!!!!  Yeah I said it...COFFEE!   In your face Wednesday...I got COFFEE! Gaining momentum I'm in a smooth groove Making… Continue reading I wake up in the morning feeling like…