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Obsessive Compulsive

I just gotta know…does anyone else have this fetish?

 OCT!  I’m down with OCT…yeah you know me!  


I wake up and get dressed for workout.  I put on my sneakers and lace up tight.  My first shoe tie of the day is simple. It requires no brain power.  It’s like second nature and is done without thought.  After decades of practice, what once took strategic thinking is now instinctive and quick.  

Following my workout I’m on my feet for several hours training all of my loyal workout warriors.  By now, it’s usually time for a re-tie and it is also here where my troubles begin.

HangTen-StoreLogoWhen I run or walk I prefer for my shoes to be tied uber tight and here is why.  

Unfortunately, I  have a pancake FLAT foot.  I kid you not, when I step out of a pool my footprint is my entire foot!  As a kid, I never understood why I didn’t have the cute “HANG TEN” foot print. I promise you that I rehearsed making the cute curved


arched soul over and over so footprints-wet
I could mimic my friends.

Back to my issue.  Because I have a narrow flat foot, I want my shoes tied significantly tight so my feet don’t slip and slide while I’m jogging.  Just before I hit the streets, I re-tie and truly choke my feet because I tie so tight. It is not until I take my first few steps that I notice one shoe may be slightly tighter than the other.  Thus begins a perpetual madness of trying to tie each shoe equally tight. 

flat footpring

The torture is real!  Eventually I press through and turn up the music and move on.  At most, I stop to re-tie 3 times in a single cardio session.  Surely I cannot be the only “SOLE” (no pun intended) to experience this compulsive behavior?  I have many many others issues similar to this one but I’ll save it for another post!

So sue me…I’m an equal opportunity tie girl…plain and simple.  

 What’s your fetish?  Care to share?

Be bold…no judgement here!  

I’ve got OCT – Obsessive compulsive tie disorder.

Love, tight tying and plenty of sun shining! xo



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  1. The same thing happens for me except I tie them like 10 times before running, si don’t want one side loose and the other rights and so on and so on and that’s where the madness begins I swear I’d run barefoot if it didn’t screw up you soles.

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