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Rap Sensation and workout #14 (video)

Click on the link below to meet local rap super sensation

straight outta Coppell representing Taking Care of U…

Angi Abercrombie



That’s called AMBITION BABY!  (lol)  Many of you asked for it and I aim to please!  Watching Comptom and the Grammy’s last week inspired me. Plus the nineties were my time.  EZE, Dr. Dre, RUN DMC, etc…that was the jam.  Rest assure, I won’t quit my day job waiting for Hollywood to call.  

Meanwhile…back at the gym…it’s time to get your lifting in!  Take this to the bank and cash it in…PROGRESS is showing on your skin.

Workout #14

v-ups – 20 reps

lunger forward 1 rep, stay on the same leg, lunge forward again with a pulse, lunge forward again with two pulses add one pulse until you reach 8 then do the opposite side. 8 on right 8 on left

spider abs elbow to outside of knee slide for 10 to right then 10 to left

sumo squats with 30 pound dumbbell or higher 15 reps

full sit ups for 50 reps

Repeat this set 4 times  

Love, rap and sugar pea snaps!

Angi xo

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