Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

My head has a heart beat & workout #15

Have you ever seen Legally Blonde the movie?   It is such a precious feel good funny flick!  There is a scene when Elle says…

Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands! 

I totally agree with her.  I exercise therefore I have endorphins and endorphins keep me happy and healthy and healthy happy people just don’t get SICK!!!!!  I have been chanting this this over and over for the last four days.


So, here is the deal, my head has a heart beat!  It has been throbbing. Thump, thump thumping all around my skull and at the base of my brain. The kleenex box and I have become inseparable.   It’s highly possible that I have actually reached the cartlidge at the bottom of my nose from the grueling blow after blow.  I feel like a snotty nose kid and it’s just gross!

Boastfully, I have not missed one single day of work.  I made a vow last May to not miss a single day of work due to illness.  (totally tooting my own horn)  However, today after my morning sessions, I’m headed strait for the couch for a long restful nap.  That is…if the motrin will kindly kick in and take away my headache.   Sometimes, I  just have to suck it up and get still in order to get well.  As I write this, my eyes roll deep in the back of my head like an upset teenager.  I just hate it. 

Most likely I have a nasty sinus infection.  Yesterday I gave in, sigh, and started antibiotics.  I’m on a Z-pack. So hopefully by later this afternoon I will feel better and can shake this stupid crap and get on with my life.

But enough about me my little starlet…It’s almost show time.  Week 5 is about over.  Keep pressing on and finish week 6 strong.  You exercise therefore you are happy and happy people have endorphins and don’t get sick and feel strong! 

Workout #15

Dead lift curl press 20 reps medium weight

Deadlifts with bar – or heavy dumbbells 15 reps

Chest press with bar or chest press machine – 20 reps

Walk outs on your hands – push up at the bottom 15 reps

Hip thrust one foot at a time…place one heel on a bench or chair and the opposite leg straight up to the sky – dip your self down then press your hips up 12 reps each side.  Advanced add weight across your hips!

Med ball crunches v-legs – Lay flat on floor – feet lifted up to the sky and spread apart in a V – take the med call and crunch thru your legs for 20 reps 

***Repeat this set 6-8 times

Ok fancy pants, you are on your own.  I cannot muster the energy to incorporate a workout video today.  Please forgive me.  HOWEVER… I do believe in you and I hope you have a FITastic weekend. Give it all you got…you’re worth it! 

Love, meds and clear heads!!!!

Angi xo


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