Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Power Trip

I’m NOT athletic.  Wait, let me rephrase that,  I’m the antithesis of athletic.  

If you ask Mr. Chicken Fry, (aka my hubby) he would respond with a tactless slur about my “not so special” abilities.  Now, if you ask my mom, she would politely pause followed by a calculated sentence similar to this, “Well, Angi is athletic in SOME ways”.  A sweet insinuation that I, in fact, am NOT athletic!  

My hand eye coordination is non existent. Mr. Chicken Fry (aka Mr.All Star Athlete) has kindly requested that I under no circumstance throw a ball of any kind in public. EVER!  Like not even toss keys or a  T.V. remote across a room.  It’s bad!  I’m also instructed to never give advice relating to sports in his presence!  (lol) But, despite my athletic handicaps, Mr. Chicken Fry still loves me!  Perhaps he’s able to tolerate me because I do excel in SOME recreational sports!  

Yall, I boastfully bring my “A” game on a slalom water ski!  Proudly, at age 42, I pop up out of the water first time every time no questions asked!  Special props to my daddy for his patience during the Summer of 19882-83!?   I can also hold my own on a pair of snow skis.  I’ll kill the blues and eagerly work my way down a black. (again thanks daddy)  I’m a determined strong swimmer and I have mad motor cross like driving skills!  (I have mom to think for this)  Just ask any police offer in the DFW metroplex. (blush)

My point in all of this nonsense is that “I JUST LOOK ATHLETIC!”  

Thanks to my weekly unhindered workout regimen, I appear athletic and ladies and gentlemen, that’s enough for me. I have been asked to play powder puff football for charity.  My gal pals have encouraged me to play tennis and while its tempting because the outfits are so dang cute…UMMM, it’s a humongous NO!!!  I wouldn’t dare humiliate my community or friends.  lol

Girly Girls of the world listen up, there is something ultra COOL about lifting weights in the gym. It brings strength, power and sculpts sleek toned muscles.  I can actually do 5 chin ups and I find extreme peace in knowing that I CAN!  


I’m NOT suggesting you become a power lifter.  I merely stating that lifting light to moderate weight feels good because it pumps blood through your veins circulating and refreshing your body!   Lifting iron increases your heart rate, stamina and best of all, it burns fat.  BURNS FAT…isn’t this what every girl really wants?  Lift weight equals burning fat!   

Mr. Chicken Fry often argues that  my “muscles” are fake.  He’s not ugly  or demeaning but he believes I’m a wuss.  This is because he will ask me to help him lift heavy boxes, furniture or a loaded cooler just after a hard workout session.  Dude, I’m fatigued ok?  Next time catch me when I’m fresh.  (wink wink)

How do you find empowerment?  Share your workout strength stories.  Are your muscles for show or for use?  Either way, keep chiseling away!

Love, lift and fake your athletic-ness!  

Angi xo

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