Bringing Sweaty Back

But _____ won’t eat healthy with me!

My spouse, my kids, my roommate, my bestie will NOT eat healthy.

How are you suppose to clean up your diet when those around you eat like crap?



No one is holding you hostage and force feeding you SNICKERDOODLE COOKIES.

Those friends, family, or co-workers who choose to inhale a large order of bean and cheese nachos, are NA-CHO-PROBLEM!

YOU eating healthy food is you doing what is best for you, regardless of what anyone else around you is eating. Sure the temptation is palpable but bad food temptation is everywhere. YOU have to eat for yourself.


Resisting the pressure from your kids to drive through McDonald’s can be hard. Your brain is going to tell you, “just this one last time.” Justifications will follow and sound like this…”

“I eat fast food because it’s a time saver and less mess.”

I for one would tell my kids no, but if your family wants Taco Bell, you don’t have to eat it. Go home, brown some turkey, and make your own turkey taco with lettuce tomato, and avocado. It will be fresh, less sodium and a better source of protein minus the nasty grease.

Exchange the grease for greens!

The overkill and redundancy of making a special high protein breakfast for yourself and a sausage cheese omelet with a side of bacon for your son is worth the theatrics. YOU CAN MAKE BOTH!

Oatmeal for you. Cereal for the kids. Cheeseburger and a coke for Carly, Grilled chicken salad (no dressing no cheese) for you! Salmon and chia crackers (no cheese) for you, cheese and prosciutto for your girlfriend.

We all have situational stress and ample reason to cave. On the other hand, that same tough situation could be the reason you are overweight. You have allowed the food or the person or the temptation or the stress keep you down long enough.

Has it ever occurred to you that your friend, just may have a totally different genetic makeup than you do? (DUH). They can eat french fries and sip on a mocha frappe and not even see a pimple pop up much less a tummy pouch. You look at a piece of pie and feel bloated. We are all different.

Mr. Chicken Fry is a beer drinking buttery eating fool. He gets upset if I buy turkey bacon, low sodium anything or fat free stuff. We are opposite on the diet front.

For years, and by years. I mean decades, I have prepared meals for Mr. Chicken Fry and the teen queen and a different healthy meal for myself. We EAT nothing alike. My hubby is a super fried, greasy, buttery, and extra cheese kind of guy (hence the name). On the other hand, I’m the no cheese, hold the dressing, baked or grilled dry, no butter kind of girl. I will make vegetables and or a salad and some form of protein for all of us. Steak, chicken, pork chop, or fish. I will serve it with either a baked potato, rice or mac n cheese. I of course only indulge in the salad and veggies. I usually reheat the baked potato the next day for lunch.

Once you get into the groove of cooking and or ordering healthy options you won’t feel like it’s such a hassle. Like anything else worth doing, it will become second nature.


It takes just a much time or LESS to prepare a healthy meal as it does a fried greasy one.

The time it takes to make a grilled ham and cheese is more than the time it takes to make an egg avacado toast or a turkey lettuce wrap.

Boiling eggs takes 11 minutes.

Baking or grilling a piece of fish or chicken is chump change time.

You making better diet choices is all about you. You stocking the frig and pantry with healthy snacks is on you.

If you have a head that struggles with portion control or overeating you can re-wire the brain. Cut the food in half. Make a half a turkey burger. Eat half the salad. Eat more protein and cut back on the carbs.

Love, enjoy the view and DO YOU!

Angi xo


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