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Never Cheat Again (part 2 of 3)

Your mind is made up!! (HIGH FIVE) You’re done caving in to temptation.  The next counter punch is to create a STRONG negative association with all of the BAD STUFF!  All of the crappy foods that tempt you time and time again. Get ready because you are about to get all up in temptations grill!  

If cookies, cake, cheese, chips, burgers and fries are elevated on a pedestal in your mind then you will always eat unhealthy and will continue to gain weight.  I know it sounds brutal but it’s the truth.

Question: what do you dislike about tempting food?  Below are a few common answers that might jog your brain.

  • It causes me to gain weight.
    It drains my energy.
    It kills my confidence.
    It degrades my quality of life.
  • It disturbs my love life.
  • It makes my clothes fit tight.
  • It forces me into a deeper depression.
  • It isolates me from my family and friends.
  • After the fact, I only feel bad about myself.
  • I’m embarrassed by it all the time.

Every time that you encounter tempting unhealthy foods, focus on your list of NEGATIVES. It’s time to kick the cookies and chips off of the throne and for that matter kick them out of your pantry once and for all!!

Meat & cheese tamales with refried beans and rice  UNHEALTHY CHOICE

What I want you to do is take a photo of this list. ↑  If you prefer, make up  your own list of why you don’t like tempting unhealthy foods.  Next, take a screen shot to serve as a reminder for when the rubber meets the road and you stumble upon a tempting scenario.  Thirdly, tape copies to your desk, bathroom mirror, car dash-board, keep a copy in your purse and/or the inside of your day planner or wallet.    Visual reminders are powerful in combating temptation.  

“Angi, this is a bunch of hog wash. I mean this is kindergarten material.  Associating my issues with bad food will not make the temptation go away.”

BINGO…temptation will NEVER go away.  You simply must learn how to push back.


You may be tempted to steal money or rob a bank but you refrain  because of the negative outcome such as the possibility of getting caught, serving jail time, embarrassment, etc.   It may be elementary my dear workout warrior but it works!  

If you don’t want to lose weight or change your overall health…keep eating donuts, enchiladas, cheesy greasy pizza, and rich buttery meals.  If you want to gain more weight and swim in a sea of bad health, clogged arteries and FAT order up fast food.  I can also promise you that if you continue to purchase processed junk food from grocery store, you will be tired, insecure, have a large muffin top and down right depressed.

BUT…if you want to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post…PART 3.  It will include positive affirmations and making healthy simple savvy choices.  I will teach you how to order up healthy foods that inspire.

If you missed yesterdays post check out part one →Never Cheat Again Part 1

Love, listen and eat more chicken!

Angi xo

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