Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Never Cheat Again (part 3 of 3)

  1. You’ve made up your mind (fist bump)
  2. You’ve been all up in temptations face by creating negative vibes toward all unhealthy crap foods.  (double fist bump)

Now it’s time to turn the tables to a positive position and create strong happy associations with the GOOD STUFF!!

But first… a short story;

17 weeks ago I made a choice to quit drinking alcohol, half a bottle of wine, during the week!  Cold turkey I went off the hooch Sunday through Thursday.  (GO ME!)  I began my journey with a list of why I should stop drinking during the week:

  • I will save money!
  • I will be a more productive parent and wife in the evening!  
  • I’m less likely to anger quickly and argue with Mr. Chicken Fry and or baby girl.
  • I will wake up clear-headed and less foggy. 
  • I will be less bloated and puffy. 

All of these and more have empowered me to put the habitual bottle down.   Every time I  had a hankering to pour a glass of wine while making dinner or scrolling through Facebook,  instead, I went over my list.  IT WORKS!  POWER!  

So ask yourself… and be truthful, what are you afraid of?

being hungry? failing? hating the healthy food? sticking with it? being brave enough to order a healthy meal in a public restaurant? having supportive friends? the food will taste bad? Scared you will miss the bad food? 


Now answer this:

What do you LOVE about healthy food?  Allow me to provide you a few answers to get your creative healthy juices flowing.  

It makes you healthy.
It causes weight loss.
It boosts your energy.
It builds your confidence.
It improves your quality of life.
It enhances your love life.
You fit comfortably in your clothes. It stabilizes your bodily functions. It makes your skin glow. It provides a more secure inward and outward self-esteem. It keeps you out of the doctor’s office. It alleviates stress from your joints.  

GO cray cray girl.  Immerse yourself into the world of clean wholesome healthy food.  I’m not suggesting you do an about-face and go full granola, organic, freaky health nut on me.  No, I’m kindly img_3886suggesting that you browse the aisles of your local supermarket and or natural food store. Slow down and spend some time shopping instead of mindless tossing crap into the basket because it sounds good at the time!  SPROUTS or Market Street,  TOM THUMB and Natural Grocer offer fresh healthy options. Take a stroll through a farmer’s market and get acquainted with the foods of the land.

 I have a motto, if it’s from the earth, it has great worth ~ Angi Abercrombie

Remember the produce aisle?  Now visualize your list of why you love healthy food. Now load up on your favorites. Sweet potatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, corn on the cob, mushrooms and onions.  Spinach, carrots, zucchini, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, pineapple and hello kale!  Don’t forget cucumber, celery, avocado and every kind of berry!

Breakfast IDEAS

oatmeal, skim milk, quinoa, coffee, whole grain toast, english muffin, eggs


flat bread, or lettuce wrap with turkey, spinach, avocado, or tuna,


turkey, pork tenderloin, pork chops, chicken, salmon, tuna


almonds, hummas, popcorn, edamame, pretzels, cucumbers, celery and carrot,  baked chips shop, corn tortillas, kale chips, ginger snap cookies, cereal,


brown rice, corn, potatoes (baked), salad, broccoli, quinoa, zucchini and carrots

When all else fails…PACK IT!  

Be prepared to live in a healthy food environment.  Keep almonds in your car, make baggies of pretzels to pack in your purse.  Grab an apple or orange to take to work. Again,  clear your kitchen of anything unhealthy.  Using these elementary grade school techniques you will soon find that healthy food is your favorite food. Leave temptation where it your past.  Drop it like it’s Hot!

If you missed it, check out Never Cheat Again →PART 1,&  PART 2  

You may be asking, Angi, will I ever cheat again?  YES you will cheat again but you will cheat in a simple savvy way… I will teach you how to make a better bad choice…stay tuned for next week…  CHEAT WAVE!    

Love, never cheat and smell my feet!  

Angi xo


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