Bringing Sweaty Back

Why Workout?

I workout because:

I need to relieve stress.

I want to FIT into a dress for special event or occasion.

I want to burn off all of sweets I indulged in over the weekend.

I’m tired of feeling tired.

I want to add more muscle tone to my legs.

I like the feeling of rock hard abs!

I’m motivated this time of the year.

I like to sweat.

I love the energy I feel after a hard session.

I don’t like the feeling of mush around my middle.

I want to build defined hamstrings for shorts weather.

I’m addicted to pushups and burpies.

Bikini season is on the horizon.

I have a great group of friends and we share accountability.

I will have sculpted arms and wear tank tops this summer.

I’m planning a beach vacation.

I want to ditch my negative attitude.

I need a lunch break

I bought new workout clothes.

I want to zip my jeans.

I have it when my clothes are tight 😬.

I like to maintain a healthy life style.

I want to set an example to my family.

My doctor advices it for my overall health

I want to impress someone.

Because it make me feel good!


What’s your reason?

Love, Live and Be FIT!

Angi xo



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