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Finding TIME

Let me guess, you’re crazy busy!  You have a lot on your plate. Your’re juggling a trillion different things. It’s May for heavens sake, which is a step or TWO crazier than Christmas.  You’re being pulled five ways from Sunday.  I mean just look at that calendar.  Jam packed schedules with end of school activities, work, church, kids, and committees leaving absolutely NO time to workout.  RIGHT??

I believe you!  You ARE busy!   As a fellow female, wife, mom and entrepreneur I know the pressure we women folk face.  I’m also aware of what we “find the time” to do and what we find the time NOT to do.

Allow me to get a little closer.  Curious, do you get your hair colored every 6 or 8 weeks?  Do you time for an occasional girls night out?  I bet you don’t skip your wax or nail appointment.  We will take the first or last appointment of day to cover the gray come hell or high water.  

But girl, you can wake up with a hang nail and that’s it…workout cancelled!  Your pinky toe hurts so you drop the workout like a hot potato.  It’s raining and your really not feeling it…workout no show.  The monthly grim deeper sucked the ever loving energy right out of you…reschedule workout!  You discover your double booked…girls lunch trumps workout.  Perhaps you have too much time on your hands and you mosey and dawdle in the grocery story and linger on Facebook and before you know it, your allotted cardio time has come and gone.  Whatever the case may be…trust me…there is time to exercise, you just have to FIND IT.

 OH girl…it’s out there…it may be hiding under a rock, or under your desk, or behind the washer and dryer, with the missing socks and keys but trust me it ‘s there. Here is the truth… We make time for what we deem as important.  The end.


I HATE to wake up.  Girls, no one loves the 5-5:30 am workout time slot but for many of us it’s the ONLY viable option. It sucks when the alarm goes off and you’re in a deep sleep nestled under the covers. I get it babe but you have to press through and get out of bed!  I know it’s dark thirty and you stayed up to late…so whats new…crawl out of bed and go workout…the days a waiting.  Otherwise life happens and kids wake up, works emails start pouring in, conference calls begin, the daily to do list steam rolls your day. So get up.    GET up, wakey wakey time for coffee.


You’re up, your motor is running and it’s time for lunch.  What if, you went for a 40 minute walk or power workout at the nearest gym?  skip lunch and eat after at your desk.  What?  Lookie there…time!  Or what if…you took your 3:30 conference call on a run because you don’t really talk, you listen and kill two birds with one stone…and just like that time.


You’re home.  Everyone is home.  Dinner has been made and the kids are bathing or better yet, fast asleep.  Boom…time!  Take all of the clothes off of the treadmill, elliptical or bike and go to town.  Turn on a movie or set your timer for 35 minutes. Work it girl.  While your kids are doing homework take the dog out for a power workout.  Throw in a load of laundry grab your dumbbells and do some compound exercises for 30 minutes.


Your son or daughter has a game early Saturday morning and of course they have to be at the event an hour before



So if you truly desire a workout you will find the time. You may not like time but you make the time.

Love peace and find the time this week! 


Angi xo 


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