I don't cook

Isn’t FUN the best thing to have? 

It's Monday already y'all!  How was your weekend? You know those post holiday weekends when you're suppose to kick back in comfy clothes, rest and take a load off?  ME EITHER!   I have read about it and possibly experienced it once or twice but NOT this weekend! This holiday was an Abercrombie pedal to… Continue reading Isn’t FUN the best thing to have? 

Bringing Sweaty Back

Spontaneous Carb-bustion

Happy Monday friends.  I'm going to straight shoot with you this morning.   Last week was a very emotional week for me and my family.  I lost my GRAND mother...my mom's mom who I called Mamaw.  She was 89 years old and I loved her with all of my heart.   If you read my… Continue reading Spontaneous Carb-bustion