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Summer Lovin

Jump right in,  the water is warm. I’m so ready for Summer. Aren’t you?

Summer has a beat of its own and I’m chomping at the bits for some play time. Summer brings a much needed slow pace and tranquility that SOOTHES and revitalizes my soul. A nice break from the morning madness, lunch making and the afternoon carpool soccer mom routine.

In Texas, Summer means heat (which I have no problem with), June bugs, bathin bathing suits, snow cones, bare feet, the smell of Coppertone, lake time, hot sunny days, lemonde stands, muggy nights and MOSQUITOS. But still, I can hardly wait!

Here are a few of my Summer loves that I simply can’t do without.

Havaiana flip flops are a sure Summer investment. They aren’t to soft and they come in a variety of colors. These casual flops hold up.  It usually takes about 2 and half years to blow one out. Perfect for around the pool, beach, lake or a casual rompin around shoe.

Blue-Emu anti itch cream for those pesky mosquito bites. There is no better itch cream on the market.  I swear by it.  Unfortunately I have to use it all the time because the Mosquitos luv me!  Beat it Benadryl Blue-Emu Anti Itch cream wins the battle hands down! Guess what, for first time orders the fine folks at Blue Emu are offing a discount using promo code AbercrombieFIT.   No one is immune from an old fashioned bug bite or skin rash and trust me you want this cream on hand!  This wonder cream doubles as a dry skin cream possibly caused from chlorine or sand and salt water or sun.  It’s super soothing and feels great.  You can buy direct form the link above or on Amazon.  Most all Walmart carries it.

Coppertone Sunscreen – That smell!  That sweet odor is a step back in time for me.  Back to my carefree days.  Every time I spray I take a quick trip down memory lane to pig tails, bare feet and golden brown tan lines…my childhood!  I use the 30 aerosol spray these days.  Nothing else will ever do Coppertone through and through.

La Croix sparkling water.  Hello crisp and refreshing drink that makes me feel oh so fancy!  Pour it over ice with lemon or lime or drink up from the can.  It bubbles with fizz and fun and never disappoints.

A pool side hat with 50 spf!  I found this little striped baby at Saks last summer. (in the picture above) I’m going to employ it again this year.  It’s got a lotta life left to give!

A fun oversized bright fun trucker style hat for morning jogs or running into the grocery story with your cover up.  Because lets face it girls, Summer is relaxed and makeup is only for night time…if even!

Fresh Fruit.  Lots and lots of strawberries and blue berries and black berries.  Plump, mouth-watering oranges and ripe green apples. Oh and pass the pineapple please.  Don’t forget to cut the watermelon…

QUEST bars are the best fiber rich protein bar on the market.  My personal favorite is lemon.  I eat one a day for fuel before my cardio session. Coconut flavor is a close second.

I workout in an extreme manner in the Summer because of bikini’s and daisy dukes (fuzz buster).  I bust my rear end in the mornings and slather Blue-Emu spray on my sore exhausted muscles.  This stuff helps my sore muscles recuperate much faster.  I swear by it for about 13 years now.  It’s good quality stuff. 

Bug repellant.  Citronella candles and Off!  If there is another way please shout at me.  I don’t particularly love to douse myself in deep woods Off just to sit by the pool.  But I do… It beats the alterative.

PressABottle  – The fruit infusion will keep you hydrated and cool!  Never have to taste boring bland cold water again.  Fruit infuse to your creative delight.  Rasberries, pineapple, lemon, lime, strawberry, blueberries, raspberries and kiwi.  I add La Croix Sparling water for a fizzy infused treat!  Use promo code ABERCROMBIEFIT for a 10% discount.  

Pop Cycles!!  I scream you scream we all scream for pop cycles.  I love the sugar-free pop cycles and personally I think they taste better than the regular.  They are bright and cold and melt in your mouth.  What a sweet treat in the middle of a hot Summer day.  Sorry  Mr. creepy Icecream truck man.  

Lemonade.  I use crystal light lemonade packets and keep a big pitcher made all Summer long.  It’s low cal and something light and refreshing to drink when your bored out of your mind with plain ol H2O.  I like mine over crushed ice with a squeezed lemon.  Sunshine to the soul.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Remeverse skin care!  This exfoliating toning cleanser is the best!  A two in one cleanser that will leave your face feeling squeaky clean and fresh! to order.  The HydraMist hylauranic refresher spray is perfect for dewy skin all summer long.

I hope you enjoy my Summah lovin list!

What’s your Summer staple?

Love peace and pass the Coppertone please!!!!

Angi xo 

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