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Who me?

Good morning and welcome to a new Monday.

I was out lazily walking my dog on Saturday and I passed a yard sign that read “Drive like your kids live here.”  The sign sent a shock wave of flash backs and memories flooding my brain.  I went back in time to when I was a dumb teenager with a classic 1966 hot rod burnt orange mustang driving the neighborhood streets way to fast!!!  Now, I’m the adult yelling at all of the young high school drivers to “slow down for pete’s sake.”  SMH.

What does this have to do with FITness?

I couldn’t help but wonder…what if I had T-shirts made that said, “Eat like your trainer is watching”,  or  “order like you’re dining with your trainer”. Too offensive?  Basically this insinuates that all trainers are the food police.  I’m writing today to set the record straight.

Citation number 1

1). Off Duty

I’m not anyone’s food monitor but my own! Contrary to what my job title might suggest, I’m NOT policing your food order or intake…ever! When I’m off duty or off the job so to speak, I can assure you I’m not judging any ones food selections.  It’s not even in on my radar.  I’m out to have a good time, catch up with friends and eat drink and be merry.  So please, take any weird guilt or food shame off the table because I’m completely punched out and off the clock.

I almost always eat healthy.  The end.  Whether I’m at home, dinner party or a restaurant I’m always going to order something healthy and most likely off the menu.  I’m not doing  this to draw attention to myself or to make anyone feel guilty.  It is simply the way I operate.

I would never call you out, make a joke or harass your food choices.  Heck, I might even want to have a bite.

Citation number 2

2) Arrested

Yes, I may be FIT and have a petite physique but I can put away the food.  I workout so I can  eat whatever the heck I want.  Why do some people think it’s acceptable to make gregarious or crude jokes just because I finish my plate? (which I almost always do)

 Why is it such a big deal that I lick the platter clean?  “Dang girl…that was a giant plate of food.  That chicken breast was huge but you managed to eat the whole thing. I bet you won’t eat for a week now.”  Well, Mr. Know it all, you lose because I’ll eat again in about three hours if not sooner.  

It’s even worse if someone catches me eating pizza!  “Oh boy, Angi’s eating pizza. She just finished her third slice.”  “Oh never mind, you’re not REALLY eating pizza.  No cheese, double chicken mushrooms and peppers…that’s not really pizza.” OK?!?   My goodness, now you tell me, who’s the real food police??  Heaven forbid if I ask for a desert menu.  Aii yii Yiee!

Now, what if the roles were reversed?  What if I arbitrarily did in fact police what people eat.  What if I issued a verbal citation or warning like this one… “oh I see you got the Mexican dinner plate with double cheese, sour cream and guacamole…why don’t you just stuff it down your pants because it’s all going straight to your rear end?”  “Did you really just eat every last one of those super sized fries and a large Mountain Dew, ok that’s cool because I’m sure now you won’t eat until next month.”  

Y’all, I would be arrested and thrown into jail if I talked to people the way I’m treated when it comes to healthy eating choices.  People actually in a negative tone approach me and say “you’re too small or too skinny.”   What if I said, “you’re just too fat.”  What if I said “Hey Pete, good to see ya, looks like you have gained a lot of weight?  UHHH I think not.

People ask me all of the time if I get tired of eating the same thing?  My answer is short and sweet,

“No, I don’t!”  

What if I changed my response to,  

“do you get tired of eating the same processed fatty junk food?”  

I hear the whispers when I order a healthy meal,  “there she goes again eating all healthy and good.”  What if I whispered, “I see she’s ordering the fatso plate with a side of 10 lbs AGAIN?”

I would never…


I’m here to serve and protect.  If you have an appropriate question about discipline and eating habits I’m eager to share my knowledge.  I don’t have a problem talking shop at dinner or a party.  I will gladly discuss workout, FITness and food anytime.  When you’re ready to commit to a FIT lifestyle I’m here for you.  When you are willing to do the hard time in the gym and in the kitchen I’ve got your back.

Love, peace and but I’m NOT the food police!



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