Bringing Sweaty Back

Meet my friend…

I would like to introduce you to a pal very near and dear to my heart.  We have become super close over the past 20 years.  I hesitate to tell you her name because I don’t want you to judge her right off the bat.

This friend is sometime intimidating and most people are afraid or put off at first.  Poor thing, over the years her reputation has been strung through the ringer.  Many folks have a stereotypical label that she can’t seem to shake off.  It is my opinion, that once you get to know her, you eventually see her many endearing qualities.

Meet, Gym!

It’s possibly yall were introduced a long long time ago.  Then again, maybe you were never   formerly introduced.

It could also be that you met Gym several years back and y’all did not hit it off.  Gym might have been going through a hoity toity, uppity phase.  She had a bad string of nutty relatsiohips in the late 8o’s and went through a very sterile period from the fall out.

Many highly cynical people have doubts but I promise, Gym has a great balanced attitude these days.  Like all new friendships, the more time you spend getting to know someone, the more intimate it grows. In my usual experience, once people let their guard down and relax, they view Gym in a fresh light.

It’s true, Gym attracts all sorts of people into her circle.  She has thousands of friends all shapes, sizes and ethnic back grounds.  You will see that Gym brings a lot to the table and has so much wisdom to offer.  Contrary to popular belief Gym is not-self serving and really wants to be helpful.

Gym will almost always be a 24/7 kind of friend. You can hang out with Gym and be totally be yourself.

Gym is not on a real tight schedule so you are free to check in at the last minute.  She is usually ready and raring to go…ready to accept you or meet you where ever you are.  The best is, if you’re in a bad mood, Gym has this uncanny ability to make you feel better after about 10 minutes.  You may dread seeing her but once you commit to a time you’re always glad you hooked up and made it happen.

The truth is, you never know who you might see when your with Gym.  And, if you’re not in the mood to socialize, Gym will park it with you in the corner with no questions asked.   You will have undividied attention if you need to work through some stuff.  My favorite quality about Gym is I can always vent and lay it all out on the line.  I can take out ALL of my good, bad and ugly.   No restrictions or limits.  Gym will often challenge me and I value this from a relational stand point.

I hope you will give Gym a chance.  I too was apprehensive and now 20 years later we are thick as thieves.  We are like peas and carrots.  I can’t go a day without seeing Gym and  I feel so inspired in her prescence.  It’s never dull and I can always be myself.  I hope eveyrone finds a friend like GYM!

Love, friends and find a Gym!



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