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The Chase (videos included)

Is life really all about “the chase”?  That familiar endorphin rush that passes on from generation to generation and stands the test of time.  The chase is older than dirt and right up there with “mud-slinging”.   Right?  I mean, playing games and pursuit of a challenge is not a new novel idea.

You’re thinking, “what in the world is she talking about”??  I’m not referring to the reality show the Bachelor, silly goose, I’m talking about FITness.   

The chase to lose weight and be FIT is a classic age-old process.  A game I know all too well.  A game I have been playing since I was in middle school!  Literally, for decades I have incessantly chased the dream to lose weight or keep it off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  So, in a sense, I chased the dream and caught up.  When I got there  I said, “TAG”, you’re it!”  

And so a new chase began and I opened a gym, Abercrombie & FITness, to help others reach their full FIT potential.  Day after day I train myself and my clients for rock hard bulging hamstring sweeps gorgeous guns and chiseled abs.

Check out my confession → Are you a slave to the scale??.

Now, after almost 20 years, the real challenge is to conjure up creative ways to keep my steady workout warriors less tolerant of mundane exercises.

Muscles have memory, similar to passionate relationships, so it’s a good idea to keep them guessing.   

What’s the secret?

Hold up or hold down and wait a few seconds. (←more FIT tips in that link).   Static holds are a handy little trick that I use often in the gym studio.  Unlike a relationship, you will be applying stress to the big muscle groups by using “classic” exercises with an isometric twist.

Let’s start with the squat or a pile  squat.  Assume the squat position.  Once you’re in place and in the squat, hold down (at the bottom of the squat) for 10-15 seconds.  I use the old 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi count.  Hold down for a 15 second period then release out of the squat.   After you have relesed from the static hold, you will follow this up with 15-20 squat repetitions.  (You only hold for one count followed by 20 reps)  

Now, try this with a stationary lunge position.  Hold down in the lunge for a 10- Mississippi count.  Release out and then perform 15-20 reps in the lunge position.  Burn baby burn.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Feel the quiver.  Be sure to change legs and do both sides.  

This little diddy works with a ton of exercises.  Hold down at the bottom of a push up position or a seated chest press or bar bell press.  Stay in the same pattern of counting.  10-15 seconds is optimal.  Release out of the push up or chest press and again begin 15-20 reps. Remember you only perform the hold one time.  

Check out the two purple links below…Videos just for you of me doing these challenging exercises at the crack of dawn just for you!!!!  

Leg Extension static hold video  

Do the same thing with a seated leg extension, tricep dip or tricep kick back. Holy catoly folks…welcome to a whole new ball game.  Chase it! 

Ball Crunch with a static hold video

The added hold adds pressure on the muscles and an added challenge.  The benefit is stretching your muscles to fatigue and growing the tissue in your muscles.  Again, you can do this movement with many exercises such as a rack pull or back extension as pictured below.  You can hold a reverse crunch, chest press, push up, tricep bench dip and many more.  Get creative and chisel your muscles.


A basic standing bicep curl is effective but try a few sets while standing on one leg.  Better yet, balance on one leg and hold the bicep curl for 10 Mississippi before doing a set of 20 curls.

Most important have fun.  Chase the challenge!


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Love, chase and hold in place!!!  xo





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