FITness Videos, Muscles and Mascara

Right this very minute

A few weeks before Thanksgiving I took a trip to Home Depot in search of carpet squares for my training studio.   Keep in mind that this was soon after the tumultuous U.S. election and tension was high.  Win or lose the turbulent campaign had done a number on everyone and emotions were either seriously fragile or ecstatic with joy.

I jumped at the first opportunity I could find to lighten the mood and break the barrier.  A little something that would force a collective snicker and smile.   Trust me, the last thing I expected to find in Home Depot was a 6 foot statuesque santa clause singing christmas carols.  But there he was in all of his red glory.  I was reaching for my phone to take a video of the big cheery fellow when  I saw it…a mask.  A SANTA CLAUSE MASK!  Where had this been all of my life.

This hat/mask had my name written all over it!

Time to make a joyful noise.  I put my purse on the floor and pulled on the magic.  Who doesn’t need a little HO, HO Ho in their day?

Please click the link below for a very Merry must see!


Cute right?  People were passing by some even stopping to watch me put on a little selfie performance. I kept thinking that someone would politely offer to video for me.  The good news was most folks were tolerant of my singing and even mustered a jolly chuckle.  JOB WELL DONE!

Spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear.  Also creating ingenious custom  workouts to keep your FITness in check!   I’m in the giving spirit so here’s a hard cord monster to leave you breathing heavy and feeling light!

Back Fly’s


Ab ball tucks (add a push up)

Chest Press (heavey weight)

Tricep dips with the ball – add a hamstring tuck with the ball

Back curtsy lunges alternating (HEAVEY WEIGHTS)

Mountain climbers with a BOSU

Repeat this 5 times!

Merry Chrismtas

Love, lift and Jesus is the greatest gift!



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