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Guy party vs Girl party 

***I almost cried today.  This post was one click away from being published. All I had to do was drop in one last boy party photo and some how some weird lag time occured between my cell phone and the mac…and my whole FINAL draft post complete with links, photos, spell check and quirky cute sentences had vanished and was gone forever.  This is my best second attempt for you to enjoy my funfilled weekend party extravaganza!  XO  Love AA

How was your weekend?  If it was anything like mine then it was a lot a lot of FUN!  I felt like a young party going college girl. I had several back to back birthday parties which kept me on my toes.

As a border line introvert, a weekend jam packed with social engagements is sometimes overwhelming.  All of the face to face time and casual conversation can exhaust or energize depending on the scene.  These two terrific parties were just my speed!  Would you believe that I actually made it to every event in which I firmly committed. I was so proud of myself. YAY ME!

My Mr. Chicken Fry, an extreme extrovert, was cooking up a pool side fraternity reunion. He had a good buddy/frat brother coming in town with his two young boys for the weekend and so why not greet him with forty or so guys he hasn’t seen in 35 years! lol

Mr. Chicken Fry true to form took to the cell phone making calls to surprise his friend with a Texas Tech Sigma Chi welcome. He went all out y’all.  He managed to buy balloons and order food for the party all on his own! None other than a boat load of chicken wings and greasy french fries from Wing Stop.  All of the food was unarranged and tossed out on the counter for a frat free for all.  He also stocked up on cases of ice cold Coors Light.   This is so funny because most guys would fire up the grill with burgers and brats but not my man….this would jack up with his socializing time. I love it that he is so true to himself! At Chicken Fry’s request I hung around for an hour to greet some of his frat brothers and welcome them into our home.

I noticed something peculiar about their greeting.  It seems that their handshakes were a bit odd or lingering.  Turns out they were all using a special “hello” with the good old slip of the grip Sigma Chi secret hand shake. I love it. CLASSIC college frat boy move!  Even after almost 35 years these guys hold true to their confidential boy club! When I left home there were about 30ish men firing up cigars, cranking up the music and drinking beer in the swimming pool.  Lord have mercy! I’m shocked that they even took this one photo in the very beginning of the day!  Better than nothing!


Just around the corner in another back yard a few short miles away was friendly birthday pool party celebration with GIRLS!. Y’all the difference in parties was hysterically diverse. In girl world everything was set and arranged with precious precise intent. Every napkin and champagne charm was well thought out.   The decorations were in the best possible spot and super significant.  The food was bright and colorful and the whole house smelled of sweet strawberries and rich candles.  The girls were as cute as can be and doused with a hint of perfume. We all greeted one another with a sincere hug or loveable air kiss. No one wants to mess up their shiny gloss!  It was heaven!

​My friend, hostess with the mostess, made her signature and my personal favorite dish… her infamous low cal chicken salad. It’s so light and refreshing and basically guilt free so why not have a hefty helping?  (see the recipe below)  Did you check out the spread?  It’s was glorious and girly.  It was all the right foods for a girls only pool party.  Nothing in this fabulous buffet was going to make anyone bloated or fat.  I loaded up on the guacamole like I was mad at it.  


All was quite delightful in fairy tale land except when I would get the occasional wave of fear that forty hairy stinky men and two boys below the age of 7 just miles away were messing up my house!!  Forget about that…back to superior sun, charming friends, unicorn floats, cupcakes, champagne and good ol yackity yack girl talk.  Even the towels were amazing and not the typical faded towels. These Turkish like towels had tassels and doubled as a wrap/cover up!  

Oh My heavens…get a old of these wine charms.  Have your ver seen anything cuter?  My party goal was to keep BRAD on the glass without drowning him or swallowing him.  lol



Low Cal – Low FAT Chicken​ Salad

Can of Chicken Salad

Sliced grapes


walnuts – I would prefer to substitute sliced almonds

Garllic, sea salt, pepper,

This zesty quinoa dish was a party favorite. The lovely hostess added sliced cherry tomatoes, black olives and cucumbers. By the taste, I’m guessing lemon pepper seasoning?  It was YUMMY!!! of cucumbers…look at these perfectly quaffed green circular rounds….almost too pretty to eat if you ask me.

img_1331 One of the gals brought a homemade giant vat of “birthday girl kool aid”.  Listen to this concoction of merriment…it was pink lemonade, michelob ultra beer, mixed with deep eddies vodka.  I took a small sip… it tasted just like lemonade to me therefore I stuck with what I know…the sparkling bubbly champagne which was so ever free flowing.  We toasted to the beloved blessed birthday girl and while making this boomerang we all made sure to: roll our shoulders back, hold our tummies tight, pose, flex, smile and sit up straight….do you think our champagne glasses look fat?  lol

One stand out thing these two parties had in common was the pool.  These girls weren’t playing when they say pool party!  We didn’t have chicken fights and dunking contest but we put our bathing suits to good use!  Cheer’s to that!

I refrained from a cup cake and opted for one last glass of bubbly before I hesitantly went home to the tornado.  I was stalling in a big way hoping the wave of college reunioness was coming to a close.  But do you blame me….who would give up this gorgeous oasis of a back yard, pink floating fru fru flamingo cup holders, belly laughs with the girls and cup cakes with icing?!?!?  RIGHT!!

There is no doubt the guys had just as much fun in their very basic ho-hum party hub as we did. Girl world just seems to sparkle a little more that’s all!

Eventually I made my way back to Mr. Chicken Fry who was all giggles and smiles.  His party in his eyes had been a overwhleming success. (Oh boy)  The ‘Wild at Heart’ sigma chi fellows shot the _ _it, talked about old times, poked all kinds of crude antics at one another and what not.    

Also in common I noticed that both dudes and girls, unlike teenagers, throw away their trash!  On that positive note, here’s wishing everyone a happy FITful week! Stay tuned for my FIT vacation essentials coming later in the week.

I’m knee deep in a project that I will no doubt share another time.

Love, have fun and soak up the sun!  xo

Angi xo

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  1. Reading all your fun posts as I’ve had many many hours driving today to Destin!! Catching up on fun reading, and loving your fun sweet self!! Definitely making the chicken salad recipe!!

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