Abercrombie & FITness Abroad, Bringing Sweaty Back

Vacation essentials according to Angi

Jumping June bugs, it’s almost vacation time.  Nothing better than loading up my trusty suit case for another Abercrombie family excursion, non-stop activity, go-go go, laugh your head off the whole time, fun adventurous vacation.  #abercrombieabroad  I love, I mean truly get a BIG kick out of packing!  I get a bizarre endorphin rush just by getting out my suit case and filling it with my stuff.  I’m 100% an early packer!  I like to pack at least 3-4 days in advance.  Why…who knows I just do!  What can I say?

Also, and there is no easy way to say it, but I’m a pitiful packer.  I have zero bandwidth, desire or skill set for minimalistic packing.  I don’t even try anymore.  For years I pretended but I have discovered freedom in the truth and the truth is I like plenty of options! Thankfully so does my main man Mr. Chicken Fry.  Except he is still in the denial stage. He, like I use to be, wants to be thought of as the guy who only needs a back pack.  Folks, it ain’t happening.  Mr. Chicken Fry packs three,  possibly four outfits for an overnight guys trip to the lake or ranch!!  Now he may never actually wear anything in the bag but that’s not the point.  The point is he is a PACKER!  WE ARE OVER PACKERS!!!!

I mean sure, simple well thought out organized styled outfits sounds good and super effective but ideally we all know that I don’t play that.  Yeah…at 44 years of age I have fully embraced and down right own my ornate, over the top packing style.  I like the security of knowing that in case of an emergency I have just about everything and anything I could ever want in my suit case. I’m prepared for all things, activities, and weather related issue that could occur.  This even goes for something that might be readily available at a nearby convenience store.  I just like the security of knowing my stuff is traveling with me.  When flying, it’s almost a complete given that my bag will be OVER the weight allowance at the check in counter.  That was until a few years back I  was blessed with a suit case scale to monitor my input.  Now, I just sneak extra items into the teen queen’s bag.  #score #winning

For all of you wonderful well-organized simplistic packers that roll, fold and pack all of your garments intentionally into a tennis ball can…you lost me at roll!  Good for you.   As for me…I like having several options,  so sue me!  All of that day to-night jazz sounds good but I know me…It will never happen!  I’m not that girl.  I do a decent job at organizing my actual packing.  For instance, all undergarment, and socks have a zipper compartment all to themselves. I have a system.  Workout clothes go on the bottom because they are the first things I pack!!   (see below my SSTB technique) 

Now that I have the packing heat off of my chest and cleared the air I do have a few vital elements for a FiTnominal vaca traveling experience. Regardless of your packing style be sure to include these FITessentials somewhere in your suit case, duffel bag, back pack or sardine can.

I call it the Abercrombie & FITness simple savvy top to bottom check list….SSTB for short!

Simple Savvy Top to Bottom Technique

Sneakers Socks, top and bottom.  Say it again three times.

Sneakers, socks top and bottom.

Sneakers socks top and bottom.

Sneakers, socks top and bottom.

First and foremost is a pair of  👟 sneakers!  As far as I’m concerned, it should ALWAYS be the very first item in your suit case! If you are a forgetfull nelly, slide a pair of socks into the shoes as a smart rule of thumb.  This also allows for absolutely no wasted space. All of you packing purists should be well please!  Socks because socks totally matter.  No blisters on my watch! I recommend FEETURES!  They are the bomb diggity of socks!

Next is at minimum one sports bra or a workout top followed by a pair of shorts or workout capri’s or pants.

SSTB.  Sneakers, socks top and bottom!  You heard it here first folks!


Pressabottle – travels super light in a carry on or pack it a suit case. Use promo code ABERCROMBIE FIT to save 10% on your first order!

Next up is a pair of ear buds, wireless ear plugs, head phones, beats etc.  Also any and all chargers associated with your techy multi media FITness gadgets.  Camera chips, cords, chargers are essential to a FIT vaca.  I personally like to keep all of these types of items in one bag. Easy to toss in a suit case or carry on in my back pack.

An eager attitude.



Toss in a few of your very favorite items from home.  You wouldn’t dare leave on a trip without your phone and charger right? What about your skin care products, I’d bet they make the trip.    Well the same should go for your healthy snacks!  Load up your purse, carry on, or snack bag with your favorite protein bar.  I happen to be crushing on the Quest bars.  I’m a real stickler for the lemon flavor, mint chocolate chip and blue berry muffin!  The Premier Protein shakes come in a carton and don’t require refrigeration.  Snack size nuts and organic fruit chews are a girls go to main stay.

Cheese and crackers and anytying in this isle is a NO NO!  None of this should be in your bag!

A SUPER CUTE carry on/ double as a beach bag!  Don’t hate me because mine is so stinking cute…because you can get one too!  It’s from Target and it’s the perfect size for a few beach towels, books, snacks and whatever else you need to haul around.

So there you go…Angi’s FITessential travel must have’s!

What’s in your suit case?

Love, be fit and don’t forget! SSTB sneakers, socks top and bottom!








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