Abercrombie & FITness Abroad, Tid Bit Tuesday

A powerful word from BELLE! 

While I was away on a Florida vaca, soaking up all kinds of fun filled family entertainment I didn’t dare want to leave you high and dry.  Just because I was on a lonnngg road trip adventure living lavida loca didn’t mean you had to sit in the corner and pout!  I posted a powerful word from Belle on July 3rd last week but due to some technical issues on my part I had to take the post down.

While I’m in the midst of preparing my FIT travel diaries, I wanted to leave you with these promising words.

Look up sunshine…because I have a motivational treat!  I’m dying for y’all to meet BELLE!
Can I just say,  timing in life is EVERYTHING!
Last week, Belle, a highly empowering sobriety blogger posted a massively inspiring  transcript. I immediately felt a prompting to reach out and ask her if she would kindly allow me to repost for all the Abercrombie & FITness fans! She respectfully agreed!!!   Without further a do, Click here to Meet Belle!

*This is a transcript of one of Belle’s free one minute messages (this is episode OMM034). You can listen to this one and 200 more (free) by signing up here [ http://gum.co/belle-omm/scl-courriel ]. Every time she says ‘drink / sober’ you can insert your word of choice. The principles are the same. Used with permission. © 2017. This is Belle’s stuff.

Pay close attention…from Belle’s mouth to your eyes and ears!

I have a saying on my blog that

Everything is like Everything.
And what I mean by that is the way we do sobriety [fitness / weight loss]

is sometimes the way we do other things in life too.
We wait to have all the right information.

We plan more than we implement.
But if

Everything is like Everything,

then finishing your Master’s Degree

is the same as you being sober…

which is:

you do it a little bit and then you do a bit more.

And then you do another day,

and then you do another day.
And if

Everything is like Everything.

then waiting to do all of the dishes

until you have everything lined up …

you want to have all of the dirty dishes from the house

collected in one place …

waiting for the world to line up

so that you can do all of the dishes at once

(and not have any that you forgot or missed) …
Waiting for that?

It doesn’t happen.
And waiting for the perfect time to be sober [work on fitness / lose weight] …

waiting to navigate some event like a wedding,

or waiting for your Birthday,

or waiting for Monday…

is sort of like waiting to have all of the dirty dishes
together in one place
before you begin.

We’ll agree
that’s crazy-making.

And the way to begin
is to begin!

Wow!  Don’t you just absolutely want to eat this up and swallow every word of it whole!  Gosh… it’s awesome how simple it is…JUST BEGIN!

Today this very MONDAY…at the top of a new SUMMER month, a holiday week to boot…just BEGIN!  Maybe for you that means not buying the frosted sprinkled iced Fourth of July cookies!  Maybe that’s taking an early morning power walk with a friend before the fireworks and festivities begin.  Maybe it’s saying NO to that slice of cheese on your turkey burger grilled chicken salad or sandwich.   Use my simple savvy selection technique or Belles’s beautiful advice above!  Just start somewhere!

tired of drinking

While Belle and I have never actually met, I have an esteemed admiration for her no frills writing and audio posts.  For just over two years I have been a BIG fan.  You must checkout one of her podcasts because she literaly has the voice of an angel! Major radio material if you ask me. She commands your attention with her captivating words.  She just birthed her first book “tired of thinking about drinking.”   To check out her book CLICK HERE!  ↵

Belle doesn’t pull any punches. The majority of her writing can so be applied to living a healthy well rounded FIT lifestyle. It’s good for all human beings who want to improve the quality of their health.

I could only wish to thrive and write forming an organic audience as she has!

Have a wonderful happy sober safe healthy holiday week workout warriors. May God Bless America!

Love, make new friends and just BEGIN!

Angi xo

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