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Tuesday testimonial: Cynthia

One year ago this week, my girlfriend and neighbor Cynthia called and scheduled a private training session.  My precious friend came in the door looking skeletal and weak. I was concerned when the scale revealed she weighed only 100 pounds!   My beautiful friend was skin and bones. Cynthia, a lively and giddy gal, had become a hermit and wore clothes that disguised her frail frame.  As Cynthia shared with me her health woes, I was mapping out a plan.  She desperately needed steady dedicated training and I worried she wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready to commit to the process. In her own words, Cynthia chronicals her journey back to health!

It is difficult to put into words the impact Angi Abercrombie has had on my life over the last year. When I came to Angi, I had lost most of my muscle mass, energy, and cardiovascular fitness that I had in the past. I had also lost a big part of what made me, me- my confidence, joy for life, love of friendship, and my self-esteem. Prior to 2010, I had been an avid runner and worked out regularly. I was a poster child for adventure and felt like there was nothing I could’t do. Unfortunately, March of 2010, started to look and feel different. I noticed increased fatigue, muscle pain, weakness, and joint pain. Nothing I did made me feel better!  Sleep, water, rest…nothing helped my slipping zeal for life!  After five years of a slow deteriorating down slide I was diagnosis with Sjogren’s Disease. Those five years left me broken inside and out. I truly wanted to be done with my human flesh because I felt so lousy for so long. Once I received a final diagnosis I started targeted medications that helped me mentally and physically. Three months after the meds kicked in, I felt decent enough to be social, to get out of bed and to live!  With my doctors consent, I made a call and demanded charge of my physical health.I came to Angi, with my tail between my legs.  I could not have been more embarrassed at my atrophied limbs, weak body, and spirit. Angi was deeply sympathetic to my medical situation and patient with my ailments. Her honest compassion and feedback was the positive force I needed to believe that I could be fit and healthy again. Angi started slow and modified frequently so that I always felt like I had accomplished a great deal after every training session. Here it is, one year later, and I’m back to my happy, outgoing, and healthy self! I feel like I have my life back, which is priceless to me and my family! Thank you Angi! I love you!

Wow!  Uplifting no?  Cynthia did NOT give up!  In one year, Cynthia NEVER missed a workout. She committed weekly and attended two workout sessions without fail.   Even when she had joint flare ups and nausea, Cynthia was in the gym!  If she forgot to take her medicine or was late from work, she came and worked through the pain. Her drive to be well and strong was almost as infectious as her laugh. I knew she was on the mend because her girlish giggle and spirit was back. 

After four months of personal sessions, Cynthia was ready to roll with a group!  Her husband dangled a European carrot out!  Not only was she striving for physical health, she wanted to “Run in ROME.”

The carrot

A two week European vacation, was dangling in front of her!  Cynthia had a European destiny 6 months away!   Every lunge and rep was a closer step to Greece.  She was squatting and crunching her way to Turkey.  And so she did.  In one year, Cynthia gained and maintains 15 pounds of lean muscle mass.  Her stamina is literally a picture perfect chart on a steady incline from top to bottom.  I’m so proud of your dedication and tenacity.  Your determined spirit for life inspires me and I love you so much!

Where are we going this SUMMER?

To the beach!  

Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo

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