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Skinny Hair

Have you ever heard of skinny hair?  My guess is you haven’t because I just made it up!  I’m reclaiming my baby soft blonde locks with a new name.  For decades I have cringed at the adjectives people use to describe my hair. I detest the foul crass words like thin, fine and stringy.  I now have a head full of skinny hair…doesn’t that sound a wee bit better!?

The raw truth is, I was NOT blessed with a thick beautiful mane.  You know, the kind of hair in the shampoo commercials?  Girls waving their long thick course heavy hair around like a proud American flag!  What I envy the most are the thick round pony tails that softly sway to the rhythm of the proud owner.   I’m talking Jennifer Lopez thick. My poor pitiful pony tail is like 5 strands to one. (sigh)


I have some advice for all of the girls in the world with “SKINNY” brunette, red or blonde hair.  Break up with the pony tail!!!  

Let me be more specific, you must divorce the day in and day out pony tail.  You cannot begin and end your day in a rubber band because it will break your hair. I know it sounds “NOT DOABLE”, harsh and nearly impossible but I promise I can help you maintain stronger hair if you dump the pony tail.  I have seen it first hand and through the process, re-birthed a decent skinny pony tail.  (its better than nothing)

Before ditching my pony, I experimented with numerous products on the market.  The horse and mane people promised I would grow hair as thick as a donkeys butt!  I tried over dosing on biotin in hopes of luxurious locks. I tried just about every volumnizing hair product on the shelf.  At my most vulnerable state I even purchased HAIR. I caved in and bought extensions and paid some lady in South Dallas to braid them into my head. The extensions were so tight I looked Asian and had a raging headache for a week.  But man was I so happy. I loved my new hair and girls, I had a pony tail that would make J-lo jealous!  But as we all know, all good things must come to an end. If I remember correctly I had the extensions in for about 4 months with a few touch ups in between. When the dreadful day came to remove the extensions, I was doomed.  I was left with see through sparse skinny hair.  It was so so so so bad! My pony tail was half the original size.  I was forced back to the drawing board and popping Biotin like it was candy. I was in panic mode. I threw out all of my brushes,  purchased a new hair dryer, and nothing was helping.  Finally I decided to do an experiment.  No pony tail for a year.  I challenge you to try it. 

she does NOT have skinny hair
Getting my ROOTS did!

We skinny hair chicks are super susceptible to breakage and It’s even worse if we use color or high lights our roots.  UrGh. My poor hair has taken a beating over the years!  My hair has endured many rounds in the ring.  Past oponents include hot rollers, perms, curling irons, chemicals, flat irons, lemon juice, chlorine, sun and salt water. The final knock out punch was the daily use of the rubber band and pony tail.  I thought I was losing my hair but what was actually happening was breakage from the wear and tear of the pony tail. I would have pulled my hair out but I couldn’t spare a strand!! 


Let the braids begin!  The braid is back and a fun fashion statement. Pick a side braid, french braid or good o’l fashioned fish tail braid.  Simple placement of the rubber band in a different spot will help the hair to grow and not break.  Another alternative is my favorite, the  chip clip. Ladies, if you MUST wear your hair up, the chip clip/hair clip is not as catastrophic as a rubber band.    

ME, training a client, with my hair in a hair clip!

HATS ON – Baseball caps and stocking caps are a fine fashion statement and an easy go to instead of the pony tail.  Fedora, trucker hat, cowboy hat, beanie caps, and fur hats are stylish and fun. Wear them loud and proud.

Old school workout at the RANCH

I also believe that Aveda products, have helped me a great deal.  My fav is the Remedy repair.   To purchase damage/remedy repair click on this→ Damage Remedy it is a leave in conditioner.  So while I  may not be a Pantene cover model, I have a decent head of healthy skinny hair!  

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  1. Finally! There’s something I can call skinny. Brillent observation, Angi!! I am claiming my skinny hair with pride! BTW- you forgot to mention how super soft skinny hair is!! I thought it was the shape of my head holding me back. Well it’s not me; its you pony tail. Good. Bye. Ponytail. I’m moving on.

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