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Rookie Resolutions 

I have never been much of a resolution girl. I think it’s pretty lame to set a laundry list of high expectations for the coming year.  Don’t get me wrong you guys, I’m NOT against having goals.  I fundamentally ALWAYS have goals in the forefront and foreground of my mind. It’s the build up and the pressure of January, the new year, 2016 that I’m not so comfortable with.

 New year resolutions are a wee bit overrated and amateurish if you ask me.    As a professional writer downer and list maker extraordinaire, I’m ALL about making strategic plans for the day, the month, the quarter!  Having goals and objectives is vital to achieving success in any area. Perhaps it’s the word RESOLUTION that freaks me out.  A resolution assumes that if you don’t achieve your goal in the allotted time then it’s curtains on your plans. I have a problem complying with this nonsense.

Subsequently the target should be perspective,  NOT resolution. change-same

We all need focus and a vision for where we are and where we want to be.  Even the beach bum hang loose surfer has some perspective.  Perhaps beach bum’s vision is to have a two bed room shack instead of a one bed room hut or to surf the waves on the west coast verses the east coast. His perspective is totally different that the wolf on wall street but their goals still aim at a target.

Basically what I’m saying is give yourself a break.  Think about where you are and where you have been.  Then ask yourself in one years time where do you want to be?  So let’s talk about the FITness aspect…

I just hate the definition of this wordres·o·lu·tion

a firm decision to do or not to do something:
“she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more” · [more]
synonyms: intention · resolve · decision · intent · aim · plan · [more]
the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter:
“the peaceful resolution of all disputes” · [more]
synonyms: solution to · answer to · end to · ending to · [more]

Where do you want to be a year from now…Financially: Relationally: Spiritually, FITness wise?

 Write out a vision board – Doesn’t have to be a board, you crazies, it can be a white piece of paper.  Write out your wish list for 2016 and below each category write what you can do or will do to cross off the item. You know yourself better than anyone else does so be honest.  If you think you will run on the treadmill write it down if your motivated better at a gym write down join a gym. If you want to eat a strict low carb high protein diet, add it to the list.

 Keep the vision board in your sight.  Find the perfect spot for you.   Some place where you see it daily but it isn’t a hinderance or stress.  I have mine inside of a bathroom cabinet (eye level).  I only use this particular cabinet about 4 times a month.  Sometimes it catches my eye and I see quick glances of things I have and still want to accomplish.  It brings me joy not anxiety.

 So let’s say a year goes by and only two things on your vision board were checked off.  Pat yourself on the back babe, it was a heck of a year and you did it.  Keep the board up.  Don’t take it down – add to it or put another on up or on top of it or beside it.  What your doing is creating progress/momentum. Dare I say…wait for it…another Ab-bionic…FITmentum!!!!  Why yes I will!!!

Vision board


Use photos or words or sentences or sticky note, or crayons or outlines!  It’s your bored…there are no tests …inspire yourself!  For Heaven’s sake use bubble letters if necessary, and by all means have FUN!

 Spend time with God every day or three times a week

  • set alarm 15 minutes earlier for time alone to pray
  • Or do this every night prior to bed time.

Eat clean diet

  • Pack lunch 4 days a week
  • Only two nights of eating out
  • Meal prep Sunday’s

Lose 15 lbs

  • Use trainer gift certificate
  • Do not join gym. (Run outside )
  • Cardio 3times a week

Put away $500 a month in savings account

Buy a new home

Get Lasik eye surgery

Take a vacation

  • may 2016
  • buy airline tickets in February
  • book hotel
  • workout to look lean and mean in my bikini

Lose 40  pounds

  • join a gym or hire a personal trainer
  • Buy new tennis shoes
  • start walking 25 minutes a day
  • buy a treadmill

Get braces

Pay off Car or student loan


Month to month week to week – it’s ok if you begin the vision board in February.  It’s also ok to start today.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations.  For instance, January 2nd I’m going to run 3 miles followed by and hour in the weight room.  I’m going cold turkey no more smoking a pack a day…  Make your mantra “today I change.  Today I change something”.  Don’t disappoint yourself.

Tell the truth and shoot straight with yourself… These are your goals !!  Go get them!

Xo luv



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