Bringing Sweaty Back


It starts small, and it gradually picks up speed….it gains force and soon it’s unstoppable.  What is it?


FIT-ness momentum (renamed FITmentum) is much like the wave.  It takes it’s time, slow and gradual.  Since this is a FITness blog, allow me use weight loss as the example.  Say, an individual purposely executes one simple action.  An elementary decision with a cataclysmic outcome.  Oatmeal instead of a donut.  (Dum dum dummmm). Good gosh man, the calorie saving is exponentail.  The next day, a fresh turkey sandwich and turkey sandwich before dinner a 35 minute power walk. Holy smokes…(oh I do hope you don’t smoke)… Boom!  Like sparks to a fire, each actions catches on to the next.  Little by little FIT-mentum tucks nicely into your jeans and your belt sinches tighter.  Day 3 becomes day 13 and day 13 snowballs into day 33 and from there the ball is rolling in the right direction…DOWN HILL!

I’ll apologize in advance for the sound and video quality. I’m actually on a small hiateous/vaca at my parents ranch.  I’m joyfully sleeping, writing, slowly sipping on coffee and praying.  When I actually muster the energy to change from pj pants to leggings, it’s the biggest decision I make all day.  I chose two body parts and perform 6 sets of exercise on each area.  Now it’s your turn!

Check out these videos for heart healthy moves to create your FITmentum for the New Year.



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  1. Love the videos. Why is it so fun to watch someone else work out? Seriously, I’m doing those muffin-busters while I watch TV!! Need that so much!!

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