Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

FITervention Twenty Sixteen 

Today is toe tapping Tuesday my little go getters!  I hope you had the most amazing Monday, I know I did!  2016 is looming ahead with such bright promise and potential. Many will begin forecasting for a healthier new year.  My wish is that you take your health seriously and make FITness a priority.

Don’t just desire change. Do change. clock

I’m putting out an APB… an all points bulletin, calling for a FITervention.

It’s time to hush and quiet the little voice that whispers in your head,  “don’t start your diet and workout this week…what’s the point.”  I’ll tell you what the point is…it’s never to early to prelapse. Unfortunately this is not an “Abercrombie ab-bonic”…which is my own language…made up words and Angi speak.  Nope, I totally stole this little gem from Belle at Tired Of Thinking About Drinking & Sexy Sobriety. (Check her out…she’s beyond crafty and wise).

Belle blogs about her exploration thru sobriety and navigates followers into blissful calm sober waters.  This gorgeous girl teaches gals how to live happy, healthy and sober.  Belle writes about “Prelapsing” which is a mindset required to prevent caving into alcohol and relapse.  A pre-plan.  (Luv it)

Belle’s writing resonated with me in terms of FITness. If you think about it,  drinking or not drinking, is similiar to the fight many have with maintaining a balanced weight. On or off the wagon, the struggle with food and FITness is real. In the same way people self medicate with alcohol, people abuse food. Also read, Slave to the Scale. But friends, I have good news, I’m here to hold you accountable.  FITervention is the formula to keep you in the straight and narrow to a buff bod.

Prelapse so you won’t relapse. Genuis.  Plan.  Make arrangements for living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Take out the trash!!!  Dump ALL the gastly temptations, every last morsel!  If you can eat your weight in ice cream, then TOSS it.
  2.  Stock your pantry and fridg with ONLY healthy meals and snack foods. This means no Oreos, no Cheetos and no m&m’s.
  3. Tell anyone and everyone that you want to lose weight. Co-workers, friends, family. The more people who know about your plan the better chance you have of staying the course.
  4.  Move your body. Carve out 30 minutes to and hour a day for a workout or cardio session. Treadmill, gym, outdoor, by cycle, aerobic dance class…sweat and move your body.
  5. Meal plan and prep.  I offer a custom meal plan complete with restaurants and meal replacements.   Email me at if your interested in a 8 week custom meal plan and workout routine.  It’s cost effective and 100 percent reliable.    This is a typical night out with me and Mr.Chicken Fry…or in this case Mr. Mexican Dinner. So I do understand temptation and I do understand not cooking and eating out.  I also understand kids, trying to cook and munching. It’s all about choices and discipline. Choosing this… 

Instead of this…

Choose a few a few of these…

Opposed to these…

These are better choices….

And these are better choices….

Take these instead of the elevator…

FITervention 2016 is on like donkey kong!!!  Who’s with me?  Get off the gravy train and hop on the FIT-xpress.

Have a FITastic day


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