Bringing Sweaty Back

But do I have to??

I have had such a wonderful staycation at my parents ranch home. I completely unwound and gave myself permission to indulge in all areas. Sleep was my biggest splurge. I stayed in bed until my eyes were completely open and not one hint of drifting back off to la la land was possible. I lounged for hours in my pj pants over coffee and conversation. Not as unusual for me, but I didn’t put a drop of make up on my face and I barely made my bed. Code word barely…ok so I made the bed everyday…so sue me!
I shifted into low gear. I took my time at almost everything I did.  Cooking, cleaning up, searching for a movie, showering, getting dressed, praying, and going to bed.  No rush.

 I think I slipped into a coma like thing called relaxation. I had heard about it and found it once or twice in the Bahamas but I hardley recognized it at first.  Relax, it was so very nice to meet you. I hope we can hook up again soon and I promise I will not forget about you.

So I must confess,  I ate chololate and drank red wine with my mom and sipped champagne and munched on s’mores with my daddy.  Yes I still call him daddy…so sue me!  Me and Mr. Chicken Fry gazed at all of the stars and watched movies by camp fire.  The stars are just incredible and all sparkly against the black curtain of nightness. We roasted snores and choked on campfire smoke. Yes not as romantic as it sounds.  I also stayed up late like 11:30pm and that’s a pretty big deal for me. (Yawn)

I took leisurely power walks (intentional oxymoron) with mom and played touch football with baby girl. I attempted the hover board Santa brought and I actually got the hang of it.  We baked and cooked every meal.  No wonder I’m craving pizza and Chinese take out.  We played old fashioned games and laughed until our sides hurt.  We saw our dear friends the Elliott’s and rang in the new year.  It was wonderful. Truly truly wonderful.

And guess what…all in all….I’m still not ready for the Monday madness!  (Sigh).  Do I have to?

 Motivation….I need you in a big big way…come quick and help a girl out!
I cannot be the only mom on the planet who’s dreading tomorrow…right?   It’s not the back to work part I despise.  In fact it’s not that at all. I can’t wait to see all of my FITness go getters bright and early tomorrow morn.   It’s the speed of the school routine and the sound of the alarm at 5:30am that I’m never ever prepared for. (Gag)  But none the less it will come with avengence and we will all DIE tomorrow and by Wednesday we will all need naps and alone time but we shall prevail.

So once again, I wish you all a happy happy joyous new year.  Now go pack those lunches, get the laundry done and reclaim some areas of your home.  Lay out your workout clothes and sneakers.  (Put them to good use tomorrow) Kiss and tuck your kids in bed and try to get some ever lovin rest…you’re going to need it because 2016 is going to blow your mind!

Xoxox love,


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