Muscles and Mascara

Now what?

You have kicked the unhealthy habit(s) to the curb! You hit a stride and found a comfortable routine.  You know the drill and you are keeping to your uncompromising promise to exercise at least twice a week.  Food choices, by comparison, are lights out better than ever.  Gone are the days of binge eating or over eating so…NOW WHAT?

Where do I go from here?


Day after day…you harness the FITmentum.  There are dual phases of this renamed reclaimed momentum.   (click on the highlighted links to see both)

Ask yourself questions.  Fill in the blanks with actual answers!

Who do I want to be when I’m down another 10 pounds?

What will I do with my spare time when I’m not feeding my feelings and wallowing in the winter woes?

What will I do when I’m usually over drinking at happy hour and the last to leave?

When I say no to the after party or the after dinner drink and dessert?

The answers are all up to you ya know!!

 Now what?  Here is what I can promise…

I can promise that you will have a lot more energy.  You will be less tired from over drinking and you will sleep better. You will have endorphins out the ying-yang because you ACTUALLY see and feel results.

HELLO self confidence, it’s nice to see you again.

Hello, new clothes.  Yes, I said it.  Losing inches and weight is a real thing and now you get to reap the fun stuff.  The money you have saved from eating crap fast foods and or hefty nonsensical bar bills you can use to shop. Now you are free to step into a size or two smaller jeans and button up without shame.

Keep going!  Don’t quit or regress!  Stay the course and on the right track.  Your money and time invested in a trainer or exerise equipment has come full circle and it’s a daily walk.

So start there. Feel it!  Breathe it in.

Remember, think back, to all that you did to get right where you are!  Focus on the bad habits you removed and replaced with a better version of NOW!

You got moving! You did the work.  It worked.  You eat better foods! Your high on life. Ride the wave!

Yeah Angi but “Now what???”

Make it up as you go along.

Sign up for that dance class you have always wanted to try or heck go dancing…(just don’t fall prey to bar scene of bad greasy food and alcohol)

Stretch at night before you go to bed instead of mindless munching. Take an essential oil or epsom salt bath then tuck in bed early for a long nights sleep! This is living my best life!  I’m never sorry!

If you are too wound up to choose the bath, get on the productive train.

Get the kids fed and in bed then “meal prep: in the evening when you would normall be “WINE-ING” down!

Grocery shop!…on line of course!

Take a walk after dinner!

Play a board or card game as a family.

Start the project you always put off!

Paint a room??

Treat yourself to a movie with popcorn and no butter!!!!!

Order from the menu like a trained professional!

Decorate the house.

Get involved in your kids school.

Apply for the new job.


Adopt the child!

NOW is the time for you to show off and show out!

Now you keep going and prance around in your tight jeans.  Now you register and run or walk the 5k or 10k.  Now you register for the marathon or mud run.  Now you try yoga because you always wanted to but were too nervous to go.  Now you go for the gusto because spring is only 5 months away!!  Now you plan a vacation! NOW you start a business!

(I was recently featured in “THE BURBS” a local paper for the DFW subburbs)  I;m so blessed and gratful for this write up and for my local loyal workout warriors and friends!  

NOW is when you push harder!

It’s possible your now may be hanging out in the maintenance phase. You have lost all the weight you want to lose but you can’t quit.  You now find a routine that is still challenging but keeps your lean muscle in check.

Angi, are you suggesting that I have to exercise for the rest of my life?

Did you feel good about yourself physically when you were 10-25 pounds over weight? Did you hate the muffin top spilling over and out of your clothes?  Did you detest the lifeless tiredness that never seemed to go away?  Did you hate the first workout and how sore you were the next day? Did you hide from friends and certain acitivites becasue you  didn’t have self confidence?

YES!  Yes I’m suggesting that you find a way to exercise and be active for the rest of your life. Yes, Im saying that exercise is better than medicine.  Yes I’m telling you the secret to a longer healthier life reducing your chances for heart attack and stroke and high choloesterol is diet and exercise.  If how you were living was working for you by all means..but I know this to be true…If you don’t use it…you lose it!  

Now is when you live your best, healthiest life!

Love, lift and be FIT!

Angi xo

I’m Angi Abercrombie and I have been living a healthy lifestyle for 23 plus years.  I believe in a non-restricive nutricious style of eating and lifting weights to keep the fat at bay.  I practice what I preach and I love helping women and men lose the weight for keeps!  


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.



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