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No re-LAXing at Aggieland

Lacrosse, also knows as LAX, is steadily becoming a widely popular sport in the more southern states. Boys and girls alike are flocking to engage in this outdoor game played with a hard ball and a stick. Our daughter...the teen queen I often speak about, has been playing this gritty hustle sport since the 3rd… Continue reading No re-LAXing at Aggieland

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Oscar Challenge workout #5 (video)

Holy Hollwood workout warriors,  it's already Wednesday. Can you believe it? My weeks are whirling by at mach speed.  I'm talking fast and furious.  Speaking of speed...  I want you to plow through the following workout.   Raise your arms up high and take a deep breath sweetie because you're about to fire up your… Continue reading Oscar Challenge workout #5 (video)