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What’s the deal with hotel coffee?

I can remember a time when small coffee pots made their entrance into actual hotel rooms. At the time, mid nineties, I was in my early twenties working my way up the corporate ladder and jetting around the country for business conventions. I hope you think that sounds so adult and cool because at the time that’s precisely how I felt.  It was a new thrilling experience because for the first time I was ALONE out in the world doing it! Getting paid to travel while working trade shows for the company.

And alas, to make things better, along came in room hotel coffee pots! Suddenly I was able to wake up and make a “FREE” cup of coffee in the privacy of my own room!  It was a small pot which made a decent sized cup of coffee. It was a genius concept and one I have come to love and EXPECT!

While the small cup / pot of coffee in the room isn’t (never has been) gourmet it certainly wets the whistle before I can make it to the lobby for a Double TALL GIANT stronger more bold cup of Joe with all of the fixings.


Now that I run a personal training studio and I’m a mom of teenager, I don’t frequent hotels as much as I’d like to but I have noticed a change which is today’s coffee talking point.   There is a big time coffee transition taking place in hotel rooms and I’m not sure I like it.

This May during a girls weekend away for my 45th birthday I recall seeing what I thought was a coffee maker.  WRONG O!

This tiny Kurieg looking machine was actually a Nespresso machine which basically delivers a swallow of hot frothy espresso.

A taste.

It’s like two sips and it’s over!  Gone!

What’s with the Nespresso machine? No thank you beh beh…this girl needs at least a small cup to get the engine going.  This is pre-coffee before I can make my way to the breakfast area or patiently wait for room service to deliver a full steamy pot!!! $$$$ cha ching!

Then while in Cancun celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary at the Ritz Carlton, there it was gain!  THE NESPRESSO machine.  Mr. Chicken Fry doesn’t understand my plight for an immediate cup of warm coffee.  HE is ZERO help and basically ignores my  coffee rants.

Out of pure desperation, I gave in and made a double frothy smallest, sip ever of this stupid thing called Nespresso! Since I made a double shot, I’m now out of pods because my allotment is gone!!

This two sip tea-cup gave me enough oomph to slide on a pair of shorts and a t- shirt so I could make my way to the lobby coffee bar to order the real thing!

An extra grande, cup of coffee! In a cup with a slide on hot grip, a lid and a heavy price tag! Omg hotel management,  it’s a cup of coffee not a glass of champagne. Good golly.

I’m only drinking it before I can persuade Mr.Chicken Fry to get ready so we can go eat or order breakfast! He doesn’t have a heart or tolerance for my urgent morning coffee addiction.

So here is the problem. It appears that what was once best idea ever, the small in room coffee pot, is being replaced and I don’t like it one bit.  I think the small coffee maker still appeases any normal coffee loving human or frequent traveler.  We don’t need this fancy  techy espresso machine we just need a cup so we can get our engines from reverse to neutral and make our way to breakfast.  Only now, due to the Nespresso machine, I’m forced to go downstairs in nonpresentable attire, wait in line, only to take my cup back to the room or carry it to the restaurant only to order another cup!

It makes no sense! Do ya feel my coffee vibes?

But there is good news on the coffee horizon or so I hope.

Y’all, the SLS Beverly Hills has hit the mark!  This hotel has it down pat and back to the old days! While I was off put that there was no small coffee pot in my room I got it! The SLS Beverly Hills offers free round the clock coffee, tea and water bar in the hotel lobby! All day everyday.  This self-service coffee/ tea bar offered every fixing imaginable!  There was non dairy creamers in liquid or powdered form.  There was skim milk, whole milk, half and half or 2 percent in crafts waiting to be poured.  They had every kind of sugar packet known to man and mini jars of honey!  HEAVEN had sent down a coffee angel!

While I was forced to throw on a robe or sweats and make my way half blind and stumbling craving my first fuel it was all fine and dandy and FREE! No charge. Make your cup. Have it your way and walk!

coffee lift

Take your self served cup of heaven to the room, or out the door or on a walk, or sit and read the paper or sit and dine. The coffee is on the house!

What a country. It was fantastic and because it wasn’t a mega giant hotel it was basically a short walk, elevator down,  followed by 20 steps to life…COFFEE! 

Hotel management listen up. Take a tip from the ever so posh SLS Beverly Hills and ditch the Nespresso machines. In fact bring back the small pot or just park a giant vat of coffee in the lobby from 6am until noon! It’s coffee not Godiva chocolate.  It will make all of your coffee drinking customers so happy.  Start a new wave of happiness in the hotel business and bring on the coffee!

sip liquids slowly.  silently lounge sipping. stay linger sip. soothing liquid swallowed.

sip, lift, shine! 

What’s your take on this subject?  Got any steam to blow off?  Tell me what you think?

Love, wake up, brush your teeth and drink coffee!

Angi xo

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