Bringing Sweaty Back

Winter WINE-ing

Who’s ready for SPRING?

I’m already channeling warmer weather,  flip-flops and tan lines.

Winter is sooo hard!

I become calloused for motivation.  Getting out of bed for work on the cold, rainy, dismal winter days is worse than domestic manual labor. I literally have to pep talk myself to toss back the covers and wake up.  Coffee!!!! Hot warm coffee helps!

Weekends without sunshine send my blood pressure to a crawl.  All I want to do is stay warm, carb load, binge watch Netflix and surf the internet with a glass of wine nestled in a big blanket.

This past weekend was a doozy.  Saturday, I reluctantly rolled out of bed and dressed for the morning workout session.  With the wind chill it felt like 20 degrees which is biter cold for a Texan.  I did my duty and trained the girls into a sweaty mess.  After a few scrambled eggs, I enjoyed a long hot shower and resumed the position in my PJs’ under the covers.  So sue me!

By 4pm Mr. Chicken Fry felt we both needed to leave the nest.  He said the couch and fire-place were going to revolt if we didn’t give it a break.  He suggested we muster the energy to meet friends for an early happy hour and let the evening carry us where the wind blew.   After some GREAT conversation, two glasses of wine and chicken fajita nachos the wind blew me right back to the Love Sak, (a giant bean bag in the middle of our media room.)   Yep, this girl here by 8:45pm was back home in her PJ’s cozy as a clam.  WINE NOT!


I drink wine and I think I drink more wine in the WINTER because it’s warming and what else do we have to do?

Jesus knew because Jesus drank wine too and…

I earn it!  Wine is my reward.

As a check list maker and get stuff done doer of all the things, at the end of the day I most certainly award myself with a glass of wine or two.  I work sun up to sun down with little lag time.  This is not at all a complaint.  I love my life…I love my day job and my duties as a mom and housewife.  I have the best life!

AND…I like my wine.

I admit that I drink wine ALMOST every night.


It’s fully dark at 5:45pm in the winter and chilly…wine is warming.

I have experienced plenty of successful bouts of wine free weeks/months.  But for all intensive purposes I habitually drink at least one glass of wine every night.

WINTER makes me do it.


This time of year, I usually make a self-proclaimed “I’m not going to drink wine during the week.” sort of speech and I wind up unhappy.  Who’s trying to be upset in the Winter?  There is enough of gloom and frosty cold vibes in the Winter time…that’s why there is WINE!

I will have you know that I didn’t always drink during the week.  In fact for years I never drank Monday – Thursday but that was before I was managing ALL the things!  It was also back when I was a younger mother with baby things like getting up early, mid night feedings, and constant activities with an active pig tail three-year old.

But now, NOW I workout so I can wine-down.

I figure that I bust my guts in the gym and in the healthy diet arena.  Therefore two glasses of wine isn’t going to crush my FITness goals. I’m after all in maintenance mode. I made an affirmative choice long ago to make FITness a lifestyle.  On demand, I can always kick it into a different gear by. making diet and exercise tweaks according to a new goal.   It’s not some massive new plan that sets me into another orbit.


Speaking of outer space, Winter wine does it’s job. Wine acts as a depressant and relaxes me during the so-called witching hour. You know, that special time from 5:45pm – 6:45pm when it’s too cold to sit outside or play with the dog.  That time of day when it’s dark and the once calm house has transformed into a thriving energetic circus.  The teen queen is in and out with friends, Mr. Chicken Fry is home or finishing business calls, the dog is antsy for attention and I’m starving and trying to cook dinner.  It’s that time that a glass of wine will soothe the tension.  It doesn’t send me into disco girl or party mode, it just calms me.

Please note that this is not an endorsement for wine over indulgence.

I’m not involved in a montly wine club.  I shop for wine at the local Tom Thumb who has a wide selcetion of red and white wines and champagne.   I usually try to buy 6 bottles at a time to reap the 10% discount.

What is WINE good for?

The benefits:



lower cholesterol

contains antioxidants

a deep over due chit chat with your girl friend

a romantic evening with your spouse.


However…wine can also cause some serous health risks such as



liver problems


hyper tension






Wine works for me because I workout way more than I drink wine.  I earn it but I burn it!

The common  question is “What wine do you prefer to drink?”  Red or White?  Sparkling?

Wine, in my opinion, is a unique alcoholic beverage.  Most wine drinkers will tell you that their taste has matured and developed over many years of research.  I’m in no way a wine connoisseur but I know what I like and what I don ‘t like.

I do not like wine that to me taste sweet or fruity.  My taste buds lean toward light crisp dry wines.  Usually…bubbly, dry champagne.  I don’t like tart or fruity sugary wines so I stay away from Zinfindel, Moscato and most saviougn blancs.  I don’t much care for Merlot.

Several years ago my taste in wine completely changed.

What has never changed is my love of champagne.   I drink GRUET because it’s tasty and affordable.  It’s my go to unless there is a real special occasion.

About two years ago I switched grapes to Pino Grigio…a lighter dry white wine.  Santa Margherita is a nice weekly bottle but a bit pricey.  I also like the Italian wine Prophecy.  It’s also crisp and dry in taste with a tinge of a fruity twang.



I ended my red wine hiatus and now entertain a Pino Noir every now and again. I buy Josh.  It’s a smooth red with a tiny pepper bite at the end.  I can’t don’t drink Cabernet or Chardonnay any more.  These rich bold heavy wines went to my head way to fast. It was making me feel yucky and have headaches due to the high sugar content.


Winter and wine can be very drying to the skin.  It’s important to stay hydrated and drink more water than usual.  I’m a big fan of La Croix sparkling water.  I have also been known to concoct a wine Spitzer/mixer.  A little half and half of LaCroix and Sauvignon Blanc for something bubbly.  A little sparkle to remind me that Spring is on the horizon.

In any case…to ward of the Winter blues…here is a snazzy workout that left my booty sore for days.






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Love, LIFT and be FIT!

Happy Valentine’s Day !


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