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Tabata Tone Up

My goodness, today is the official last day of school for my baby girl which means I will have a continuous flow of brain dead teenagers traipsing in and out and running amuck for the next three months!  I’m taking slow deep breaths just thinking about it.  Right now is like the quiet before the big storm.  The good news is that teenagers like to stay up late and sleep late so for a gym owner and aspiring blogger these hours thankfully go hand in hand.  I can wake up early and do my thing without disturbing the sleeping giants beauties. However, the flip side is what will my child and her teenage girl friends be doing while I’m sleeping?   Jesus take the wheel!

In celebration of END OF SCHOOL, I  proudly bless you with a challenging custom-made TABATA workout.

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If you are new to the TABATA format allow me to explain.  A TABATA  workout is a 4 minute interval routine.  Eight exercise in 4 minutes.  20 seconds of work on each movement with 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise. You repeat the same 8 exercises for 8 to 10 rounds.  Guess what…no need to count reps.  Your free to focus on form and pounding out the reps in each 20 second segment.  

First, download a TABATA timer from the App Store onto your mobile device. I use HI2T a free timer rated with five stars!  It’s perfect and easy to use.

Tabata Workout

Russian Twist

Squats – with weights


Single Leg Deadlifts add a hop at the top  – with weights

Heels Up – Dead lift up right row with the arms

Dumbell Fly’s

Chest Press

High Knees or Med ball toe taps!


Now get to work…off you go!

Love, tabata and be ready to sweat allota!!!

Angi Xo

*Disclaimer: please consult a doctor to be sure you are healthy enought for a HIIT worout routine.  Workout at your own risk.  Abercrombie & FITness  is not liable for any injuries or health issues sustained from a workout.  

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