Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I’m so sore

“Help, I’m on the toilet and I can’t get up.”

The first week of a new workout routine can be excruciatingly good. Which makes about as much sense as “jumbo shrimp”.  It’s a particular kind of agony that you’re notably proud of but also makes you want to cry.  

Those first few training sessions usually cause jello leg syndrome. Wobbly legs shaking like a leaf and you hope to heaven that you’re able to drive home.  Your knees feel weak  as if they might buckle and collapse before you reach the car.   Oh boy have I been there!  

The next several days are worthy comparisons to P.O.W. water board torture. The simple act of walking or going up or down a flight of stairs is straight up criminal.  An ordinary task like sitting in a chair demands full-blown hand rail assistance…even for the 20 year olds!

My candid response is always the same to everyone. The pain will pass and the muscles will eventually respond.  Muscles have memory.  In fact, if your muscles could talk, they would be saying…”hey glad you finally made it, we thought you forgot about us.”  

True, it’s a rough start but usually the muscle tenderness is a warm welcome.  You may be operating in survival mode and want to lay still, not moving a muscle yet you sense some progress.  You admit it, you’re out of shape and dread the next session but you realize it’s for your own good.

In all honesty, exhausted muscles are NOT prejudice to beginners. I experience fatigued muscles a lot.  I push and challenge myself with heavy weights and new exercises all of the time.  I’m not a gluten for punishment in any way shape or form.  I don’t marvel at the feeling like I have been in a car collision with a sore neck and shoulder discomfort.    But I sure don’t feel guilty either.

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Blame it on the ACID

Lactic acid is the culprit of tired tender muscles. Muscles swell under pressure and lactic acid stores in the surrounding tissues.  Until the lactic acid is broken down it manufactures a bruised tender sensation. The day after a hard-core workout is the perfect time to break up the acid.  For tired leg muscles a cardio session such as power walking or light jogging  is optimal and will help dissipate the pain.  

Angi, seriously?  I’m crippled over here and you want me to power walk?  You must be joking.  

I’m super serious girlfriend. I know it sounds like harsh torment but trust me, you have got to move your muscles to keep the blood circulating. I personally delight in sore ab  muscles because in mu opnion, a ton of jubilant laughter works wonders for strained sore abs!  A great laugh session does the trick. In terms of sore shoulders and arms I can suggest motion stretches such as waving the arms up and down along with shoulder rolling.  Using a foam roller for pressure release is a sweet indulgence as is a full body massage.  Deep tissue massage  is an effective tool but don’t forget to hydrate by drinking a ton of water.

Bottom line is there is no getting around the fact that if you are working out, you are going to be SORE.  You did something.  You made it happen.  It will go away and if you are lucky you will feel it again soon!  

Keep it sweaty and sore! 

Love, peace and smear on Blue-Emu with ease!

Angi xo

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