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TECH it out!

Can I just say how fortunate and blessed I feel to be living and breathing in 2016.  I’m not so sure I would have enjoyed, functioned basically survived as a pioneer woman.  Not that I shy away from hard work or manual labor but that whole outhouse thing, wood burning fire and horse drawn buggy business is whole nuttha wooly monster.  How did our foremothers function without siri?  

How lucky are we to live in this particular decade with shiny new technology on our side and at our finger tips? I mean really, we have it all…running water, hospitals/medicine, central air and heating, AMAZON PRIME , computers and wireless everything!!! Pretty darn blessed if you ask me.  

I consider myself to be a moderately tech savvy gal and I use some gadgets to my benefit when it comes to FITness.  Tech out a few of my favorite apps and gizmos as it relates to living a healthy and FIT lifestyle.

SPOTIFY  is a music app.  It allows me to share, browse or make my own playlists with unlimited music.  The app is FREE much like Pandora however, I have an upgraded big spender premium account for $12 a month for unlimited/premium music.  Anytime anywhere music from my phone!  I also have this loaded on my iPad.  So when I’m training my workout warriors in the gym I plug-in with an aux cord or use bluetooth to pump up my favorite jams.  I also enjoy it when I’m on a power walk or alone fully committed to a cardio session!   Don’t judge my play list…Sir Mix a lot…Sir Duke, (Stevie wonder) this is a great song…horns just make everything better!   All Michael Jackson songs, Prince, The Black Eyed Peas,  Van Halen, Def Leopard and all of the other 80’s hair bands.  Guitar and loud drums work for me!  I highly recommend going with what works for you.  Music will totally transport you to a memory or a time so go with it girl.  

My Fitness Pal is also an app and an email subscription.  This app allows you to log in and track your food, calories, and exercise.  You can team up with friends and or your trainer can track (with your permission of course) and monitor your progress.  They also send you weekly emails on great healthy recipes and workout moves as a motivational technique.  

LG Tone Active wireless head phones are pretty cool.  I have only had mine for about a month and I’m starting to really dig them.  The necklace shaped hook is light weight and worksimg_0574 with an app on your phone.  It has bluetooth and these ear buds are retractable.  The biggest benefit to me is the noise canceling part.  I often make phone calls when I’m out walking my dog and Mr. Chicken Frymy mom  friends usually complain that the wind is distracting from our earth shattering conversations. But the LF Tone Active has cut down on the wind shear so I can now hear and be heard crystal clear.  Someone please alert the press.

Hello, all of you FIT bitters!  I see you marching in place! Good for you. I don’t have one of these wristlet gizmos but I love that this braclet is motivating people to move!   It’s a powerful tool to track your calories, heart rate and steps.   Information is sweet knowledge.  Whatever it takes to get people up and off the couch.  

Check this out, who knew that you could buy a LIFE size CONNECT FOUR game? This is a pool side backyard BBQ must have.  Guaranteed for hours of  family friendly competition and  entertainment the whole family can get in on.  I hate to admit it but Mr. Chicken Fry straight up beat me like a drum this weekend.  I must have been overheated from the sun because I somehow managed to lose three games in a row, which almost never happens!!  It was his lucky day.

We have thousands of apps and tools to keep us active!  Don’t forget the simple pleasures like running in the sprinklers, slip & slide, swimming and good old fashioned foot or sack race. 

Love, peace thank heavens for technology every single geek!

Angi xo

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