Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara


Hello FRIDAY!  I seriously thought it would never get here this week!

Y’all, I have not found my Summer groove YET. I had a busy blessed high-spirited week with an influx of new and old workout warriors hungry for results. Nothing wrong with that!!   Additionally, I hosted a two-day swimsuit trunk show that was quite successful and FUN but I’m ready to call the squat and soak up some down time.

Anyway, on to my newest Abercrombie ABonic…PerFITual.  I just LOVE this.

The foundation of my business is centered around a FITness mantra which is “Making FITness a Lifestyle”.   This slogan is my soap box sermon, that thanks to Abercrombie ABonics, can now be summed up perfectly with this one new word I invented…perFITuate!  Basically it means “Indefinite FITness”.   The never-ending pursuit of health and FITness…a lifestyle, away of living day in and day out.  A habit that becomes ingrained into your spirit!

PerFITual is the welcomed art of recurring FITness and health.  Does this seem harsh?  It’s not and let me tell you why.

I hate to burst your bubble baby doll but there is no miracle pill or 10 day slim down, FAST crash diet or 30 day challenge that will KEEP you in shape.  Say you lose 25 pounds and you keep it off for 6 months.  In order to maintain the slim physique you MUST continue eating healthy and working out.  PERIOD…THE END!  Otherwise you are doomed.


Why do you think that the majority of the Biggest Loser contestants gain ALL of their weight back?   It is because they go back home, stop working out and eating healthy. To me, this is like getting a degree and deciding to live under a bridge.  It doesn’t add up!

What if you indefinitely quit brushing your teeth and or bathing?  Advertently ended your hygene routine all together.  Eventually you would have scummy grease pit hair and your breath would be something fierce.  There is not enough gum or body spray to disguise this sort of per-pitiful perpetual habit.

it’s really no different from FITness.  You have to move your body and fill it with good food  every single day.

Try a few of these FREE .99 exercises to get your PerFITual groove on!  Start tomorrow.

Walk the dog, swim laps or jump around in the pool for 35 minutes, lift weights, run stadium bleachers/stairs,  run up and down the stairs in your house or office building, run lines, img_1228skip around a track, power walk at the mall, ride a bike to the store or around the neighborhood, roller blade, dance in your living room or bedroom…get giggy with it!, paddle board, img_0544wake surf, water ski, dog paddle, play wall ball, volleyball or tennis.  GET ACTIVE!


I workout for various reasons.  Here are a few.
1) it’s good for my health!

2) I like the way it makes me feel and look.

3) I don’t want to gain unecessary weight.

4) I like the way my clothes FIT!

5) I sleep amazing.

6)  I have excellent blood pressure among other health benefits.


Check out a few other posts and my surly terminology I call Abercrombie ABonics!

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Love, move and perFITuate your groove

Angi xo 

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