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FITget about it!!

Good morning beautiful.  It’s Monday!!! If you have been following my witty on point FITness blog then hopefully you’re growing fond of my infamous FITness terms.  I haughtily call it Abercrombie ABonics.  Brilliant don’t you think?

My newest FITastic term is “FITget about it”. (In my best, Andrew Dice Clay, John Travolta Jersey style slang!).  FIT get about it!

Sometimes we spirited women let our minds get the most of us.  We allow PAST decisions to dictate our present mood and unfortunately it causes unnecessary bitterness and uglynes to hide in our head.  A choice we previously  made to eat deep dish cheese stuffed crust pizza or maybe it was two pieces of pecan pie will literally linger with us for weeks on end.  Are you with me so far?

Girls, what do we do?  We stew on that stupid choice it until we make ourselves bonkers!  I don’t know about you but I have been to BonkerVille and Looney Tune Town a time or five two and it’s no fun!! Everyone there is wallowing in their on own pitiful world.  Like seriously card-carrying crazies.  So turn around and stop churning it and churning it and allowing guilt to ruin and destroy your mind.   FITget about it! 

There is not a woman alive who hasn’t hastily struggled with a dual nature. I know you have redundant conversations with yourself about what you should do or what you didn’t do or why you didn’t do it. We play good cop bad cop in our mind all the time.

Bad cop: Why in the world did I eat the whole bag of chocolate chip cookies last night?

Good cop: I had a bad, real bad day at work…those cookies were an anomaly…and the wine bottle was already open.  It won’t happen again.

Bad cop: You had time for a cardio session yesterday why didn’t you get on the treadmill ya tub of lard?

Good cop: I totally had time for a power walk yesterday but the weather was yucky so I went to the movies and sucked down a sugary slurpee and milk duds.  I workout every day for the rest of the week.

Bad cop: I just rifled through half a bag of Doritos in less than 6 minutes…what kind of person am I?”

Good cop: Double fudge Sunday was a doozie, I swear I’m going to the gym first thing tomorrow morning.  This is the week and I vow to never eat ice-cream or Doritos again!

But do you??  I know that your intention at the time is real.  But two natures, and one body can make for an exhausting battle. We drive ourselves nuts…  So, I say, just FITget about it.

Forfeit the bad self deproticating talk.  It’s not working for you. Plus what’s done is done.  FITget about it and get on with it!  

So you had a horrendous month of poor eating. Perhaps in general, you have regretful eating habits and these talks have become an epidemic. FITget about it!

Whatever bad choices you made last night or last week for that matter, today, just FITget!  That boat has left the harbor and sailed far far away.  It’s gone. It cannot be undone.  It’s in the past.  I want you to seriously FITget about it and move on. Look at this word…FORGET, it means failure to remember.  You’re not an elephant.  So FITget about it and wipe the slate clean.

Every time you want to rehash the past in your mind FITget it. Instead of arguing with yourself…think…FITervention.


Now there’s a word.  Intervention, the process of intervening on your own behalf.  Be present and live in the moment. Like Nina Simone says…It’s a new dawn, a new day it’s a new life for you…a start…and you’re going to FEEL GOOD!  

Today, if you read this before lunch, get on with it.  The weather is warming up and the produce aisle is stocked with lustrous fresh fruits and vegetables.  This section will make your mouth water and your taste buds starve for all of the beneficial beauties.  The markets (fancy term for grocery store) have made it so easy to pop in and buy an entire pre prepared healthy meal.  Take the grocers up on their bright idea.  Whole roasted chickens or shreded seasoned chicken and pre packaged boiled eggs.  The salad bars offer a variety of FITastic lettuce, spinach or kale along with egg, meats, vegetables and nuts.  Squirt this leafy green goodness with lemon or spritz with balsamic and birth some FITmentum.  Tomorrow order up or make your own egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms and peppers for breakfast. Stock up on QUEST BARS for on the go meal replacement or snacking. 


FITget about fancy!

You’re a super star and tonight you will take advantage of day light savings time.  Get outside and walk around your neighborhood 6 ten times tonight before or after dinner.  Fire up the grill and finish the evening with a grilled piece of lean fish or chicken with vegetables and steamed rice.  Fill up with tasty fruits such as strawberries, blue berries, oranges and grapefruit!

Check out ⇒FITervention Twenty Sixteen and or FIT-MENTUM!  

Remember don’t mentally harbor the past and don’t look backward…you’re not going that way!!!  FITget about babe.  


Love peace and FITget about it please!  

  Angi xo 

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