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Does everyone already know why we call the first meal of the day BREAKFAST???   I’ll give you a hint…the answer is hidden in the name.

 BREAKFAST =  break the fast  

I know, I know…  after all these years right?

Evidentially our predecessors understood the value in ending the over night dry spell.


BREAKFAST, often labeled the most important meal of the day, is significant because it’s the first fuel supply since nodding off for a long shut eye session!  Generally speaking, most people finish eating dinner around 8:30pm or 9pm and wake up sometime between 5:30am and 7am which means there was a 10-12 hour lapse in food intake. That’s a long time!

Personally I don’t fit this mold because as Mr. Chicken Fry would say,  I like to eat around the blue haired senior citizen hour. It’s true.  So what?  I eat dinner around 6:30pm because I’m starving and if I have to wait until 7:30pm or later, I turn into a voracious attack dog.   A girl’s got to eat!   It’s also public knowledge that I have a pre bed time snack about 9pm.  I pour a tasty cup of Special K with Red Berries cereal and skim milk.  So sue me!  Mr. Chicken Fry calls this my sleeping pill or more importantly a signal that he’s lost his opportunity…if ya know what I mean ;))!


Breakfast is the first meal and the perfect opportunity to nourish and super charge the engine.  Lead your glorious morning with an 8 ounce glass of water with lemon.  Chug it down like your life depends on it. Not only will the H20 get all of the inner parts circulating, it will also keep you full and hydrated. Everyone can use a little a dewy morning glow right?  If you’re a coffee connoisseur make the imperative cup of joe on the pronto.  But be sure that sooner than later you end the food famine with something hearty such as steel-cut oatmeal or a nutritious protein fruit smoothie.  In a hurry, whip up some scramble egg whites and a half of english muffin with a dollop of honey.  Any of these protein rich tips should keep you revved up for at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

I’ve done some Egg-tensive research  and eggs don’t take as much time as you would think.   You can also boil a batch for” grab and go” boiled egg breakfast in a flash! img_2437-1

If you are an on the go, no time to spare, morning rush person, you are the prime candidate for a pre mixed protein shake or protein bar.  QUEST BARS are my favorite. These gooey bars are loaded with fiber and 20 grams of protein!  As for the shakes, I like Premier Protein shakes which you can purchase from your local Tom Thumb or Cost Co.  


If you are a fruit lover and can’t do without your fruit fix,  I have a few things to say.

1) Always eat your fruit alone and or before you eat anything else.


Fruit is a natural sugar source and in my opinion it’s best to give the fruits’ sugar time to metabolize alone.  Opposed to mixing with other processed complex sugars or carbohydrates.

2) Eat fruits in the early morning or late morning.


Fruit is a high in sugar food and eating this in the morning is better because chances are you will always burn up or burn through your first meal of the day due to daily activity.

3) Only eat FRESH fruits and try to stay in the berry and fleshy fruit family such as oranges, apples, blue berries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, grapefruit and grapes.


Not TRUE…and I’m living proof.   Yall,  there is a very high percentage of my generation,  latch key kids, baby boomers and millenialls that would starve to death if it were not for cereal!   I grew up eating cereal day and or night and guess what? I made it and I’m still surviving on all kinds of quacky cereal.

I actually feel sorry for cereal because over time my coveted crunchy sweet treat has develped a very frowned upon nasty reputation.  Stop bullying and hating on cereal yall.  Really…pick on something your own size you fruit loop!

Are you CEREAL?  Cereal, while high in sugar, is also a mid scale nutritious meal or snack.  More often than not it’s high in folic acid and vitamins.  So if you are feeding your kids Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes or Cheeriors on the go…it’s “A OK!”  It’s also quite fine for them to mow on some Grape Nuts, Fruity Pebbles, Coco Krispies and Rasin Bran.  What’s most important is watching the consumption size.  Try to keep the cereal below 2 cups!  No JETHRO  HE-MAN bowls allowed.

The other secret to cereal is in the milk.  I use to eat a handful or portioned out baggie of dry cereal but I never felt satsfied or full.  Somewhere a long the way I started pouring milk.  The milk (skim milk) adds more protein to the mix and helps keep me full longer.  It’s not a farce nor is breaking the fast!

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Eat breakfast!

Love, BREAK the FAST then go have a blast! 

Angi xo

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