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FIT to eat treats

My precious grandmother, aka Mamaw, had some infamous slogans and on liners.  She said some things that only “the core family” could interpret and would deem funny.  One of Mamaw’s most treasured topics was FOOD!  All of her life she was an active homemaker  who loved to eat.  I swear the woman never skipped a meal.  She was not overweight by any stretch, the woman just loved to enjoy food. Mamaw would take a bite of her entrée and claim it wasn’t FIT to eat. Yet never one morsel on her plate was spared.  Well Mamaw, this one is for you!

Cheat treats – FIT to eat!

You’re searching for a tasty cheat snack food that doesn’t break the bank on calories and blow your diet. Hello…welcome to my world!  I work way to hard on these abs to blow it on a BLIZZARD!

Popcorn baby!.  Boy have I got a treat for you!

I put popcorn into a “free food” category.  It’s not exorbitantly high in fat or calories and it’s loaded with fiber.  Surly it’s impossible to gorge yourself on a tub of popcorn.  After a while you just get tired of eating it.  Maybe that’s because when you first start eating popcorn you literally start shoveling handful after handful into you mouth as if you are going to run out?!?

Anyway, at the top of my list is popcorn and milk duds. This little melt in your mouth duo was developed during my college years.  Me and MY BEST GIRL, aka my college bestie, invented this sweet and salty delight back in the good ol days!

Here is the deal.  From the comforts of your home, dorm room, or office space pop a bag of microwave popcorn. Take it from me, over the years I have done some serious homework on the best low-calorie low-fat decent tasting brand of popcorn.  In my opinion Pop Secret butter light wins hands down.   Once all of the kernels have popped gently remove the bag. Without scorching your hand open the bag and pour out a bit into a microwave safe bowl. Next, sprinkle a small layer of milk duds onto the top layer of pop corn.  Repeat this until you have emptied both the popcorn and the milk duds, essentially layering pop corn and candy.  Place the bowl back into the microwave for about 25 seconds and voila a low-calorie sweet treat FIT to eat!  This is also possible at the theatre however under no circumstance are you allowed to ask for butter!   Adding flavored butter or cheese is NOT on the FIT to eat low cal list.

The Milk Duds soften in the microwave just enough that every divine handful is a chocolately delight. FYI…you are not limited to Milk Duds.  Heavens no, feel free to contaminate your popcorn with other Abercrombie FIT to eat accoutrements such as tobacco sauce, bit o honey candy pieces and or candy corn.  Straight up caramels will always do the trick.  😎😉 design, this snack is intended to be a snack for two…a shared snack!

Moving on..


Say you’re more of a salty dog, I got your back.  Steam up a bag of edamame. It’s a green  high low calorie power punch.  I steam my edamame from the stove in a shallow pan.  I cover the pan with a lid until I hear it bubbling.

Once the edamame is soft, I spice it up with some red peppers and sesame oil. Mix it in. And just like that…spicy edamame.  If you don’t like the spice, salt it up with chunky sea salt and munch away. Soy beans for life!!

  Want to know more about EDAMAME – ↵click on this link !

Stay tuned for more Abercrombie and FIT to eat cheat treats such as Blue Bell yogurt and cereal!Love, peace and pass the popcorn bowl please!  

Angi xo

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