Abercrombie FITness client testimonials, Bringing Sweaty Back

Life in the FIT lane

You did it. You closed your eyes, maybe even held your nose but you took a bite and swallowed hard. Admit it. You’ve developed a taste for the sweet suppleness of FITmentum and it’s all green lights ahead.  You’re on GO!   The PerFITual new-found habit is in motion and just like that, you’re in the FIT lane.

WELCOME to the autobahn where life is healthy, FIT and full speed ahead. It’s ok that you have a white knuckled grip, grinding hard and steering between the white lines.  This kind of focus is good. Do be bothered or diverted by all of the bustling traffic around you a.k.a  homade ice-cream, sugary slurpees, greasy hot dogs, pizza, chardonnay, and cheese platters.  Just keep the pedal to the metal.  Keep driving girl, because all of your focus is working.  You know it because you feel it and the straps on your bra are loose, not to mention your jeans/shorts zip right up!  Oh what a feeling.

I recall when one of my clients first started to lose weight.  She had been faithfully hitting the gym three times a week and following a healthy meal plan. One day she came into the studio to train and quickly stripped off her sweatshirt.  She was off the chart excited to show me her collar bones!  It sounds so silly but she was so amused.  She started doing the come on baby do that conga, no you can’t control yourself any longer, dance! ask the happy dance.  

Another time, I had a client who came rushing through the gym door and stood before the mirror and urged me to have a look. “Wait for it, wait for it,”  she said.   “Do you see it?”  I was not clear what to look for…  Finally she said “look down at my thighs…they don’t touch or rub anymore”!  I gasped with relief and chuckled at her excitement. We started doing an old fashioned girly ring around the rosie!   It’s the little things and the highlight of my job!  


These two and numerous other testimonials are true confessions of  what it is like when you experience life in the FIT lane.  

What are you working toward?  What is just around the bend?  Are you in overdrive obsessed with building a bulging bicep?  Are you patiently sculpting a protruding tricep?  Are you focused on adding muscle to your sagging tush? 

Cruise control, please baby baby please!  Don’t believe the hype or psycho babble.  The truth is the FIT lane doesn’t really come with a setting for cruise control. You shift into gear and from that moment forward you keep it in drive and occasionally may use neutral.  FITness is a LIFEstyle. That’s day in and day out on the FITness freeway.  

Word of caution:
police FOOD POLICE.  So watch out because they seek out the Oreo packing, blizzard slurping, Dorito crunching processed food junkies on the streets.  You don’t want to go back to life behind tight bra straps and chained to a couch!  You don’t want be cited for tight uncomfortable clothes and lethargy.  Don’t throttle back…there is no option for reverse. Full speed ahead faster faster the lights are turning red.  

You will surley burn through some serious tread girly.  It ‘s not such a terrible thing!  Every pair of worn out cross trainers or running shoes is an excuse to get started and wear out another and another.  


I’m proud of those of you who started your FITness journey and jumped onto the free way. It s perfectly fine for a beginner to manage the slow lane. Everyone starts at the b e ginning! (remember this)  Those of you who have experienced success with your healthy meal plan, it maybe time to hit the iron.  Toss around some dumbbells and get busy lifting.  The fast lane incorporates the trifecta of FITness; cardio, weight training and clean eating.  It’s where the rubber meets the road dear heart!  Burn off that last layer of FAT and get lean.  

Love, peace and tennis shoe grease!  

Angi xo 




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