Bringing Sweaty Back

Hover board 

Are you familiar with the hover board craze?  If you’re a parent with kids ages 6 to 26, I’m willing to bet you’re fully aware of the hover board phenomenon that swept through our homes this past fall. You probably caved and purchased a hover board for your kids knowing full well the severe dangers which were but not limited to possible house fire, electrical burns, concussions, broken bones and who knows what else.  Me and Mr. Chicken Fry absolutely bought into this hot rage!  Come on…it was Christmas y’all!

These electric people movers revolutionized the market on balance!  As if skateboards, bicycles, scooters, razors, trampolines and other forms of unsafe tom foolery weren’t enough.  What our children really needed was a handle less swegway!

These slippery little suckers require some skill!  My daughter artfully mastered the device in what seemed like nano seconds.  Every time she stepped on the hover board my heart would skip a beat. But knock on wood, to this day no MAJOR damages have been incurred.

Our precious blondie literally used the hoverboard as her ONLY form of transportation throughout our house for months and months. However, about two weeks in, I noticed tiny white foreign flakes all the floor.  After investigating, I realized it was the remnants of the hover board thrashing into our base boards. Paint was being chipped all over our house!!  Are you kidding  me?  I was not a happy camper.  To heck with her head, what about my base boards!!

I tried to enforce a new rule…no hover boarding INSIDE the house!  This was basically me telling my girl to take the hover board out side where the streets are steeply inclined and lined with huge pot holes.  I was instructing her to take the toy outside and ride along the side walks that are uneven and have sharp declines in the pavement.  I was screaming at her to ride outside where she could be hit by a car because the driver is probably texting and blaring loud music and….  Ok…babe you can hoverboard in the house.

By the time February rolled around the hoverboard had become an appendage.  It was just a thing that our daughter did in the house moving from room to room. I almost gut punched her twice because she would ride so close to my toes.  I just knew she was going to run over the back of my heel or over a toe.  But to my surprise she learned how to swiftly maneuver the wheels to juke and jive in small tight spaces and around corners with ease.  Her core and balance was being challenged and she didn’t even know it. It was like a secret workout.  To ride this two wheeled device, one must be strong.  You have to keep knees bent, soft and buoyant which works the quads.  You have to keep your core ab muscles tight and erect which helps strengthen ab muscles.  

So this happened one lazy cold Sunday afternoon. Baby girl went scooting by as usual, texting and boarding.  A few minutes later I look up from reading the paper to see this…Mr. Chicken Fry riding a bike through our house.  He rode room to room like it was perfectly normal.


Mr. Chickens Fry’s equivalent to the hover board. He snuck outside and came through the house pedaling the bike up and down our halls. It was hysterical.  I got an excellent core workout from laughing so hard.  Baby girl was not nearly as amused as I was.  She cracked a soft smile, rolled her eyes and continued a balancing act on her cherished Christmas gift.   I do have to say, it was money well spent.  

Is your kid a hover board junkie?  Have you been able to find your balance on the hover board? 

Love, peace and be safe on the streets! This ride is a NO for me!  

Angi xo




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