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Couples Therapy revisited & workout video

 Click here for a quick workout video ⇒3 Simple Exercises

  1. dead lift up right row (keep your back flat, shoulders relaxed, knees slightly bent and abs drawn in tight) use dumbbells for resistance 8-12 on each side
  2. bicep curl to a shoulder press 15 -20 reps
  3. Plyo Jumping jacks – squat down feet together, and explode up into a jumping jack 30 reps

repeat whole set 6-8 times

Yesterday I shared a post about the value and comradery in Couples Training!  I stressed the significance and mockery merriment any couple can experience while physically growing stronger together.  I do, however want to be sure, that the cover photo of me and Mr. Chicken Fry jumping in the sky was not misinterpreted.  I want to make it crystal clear  that the photo and the title of my post was an illusion not an illustration.

Me and Mr. Chicken Fry do a lot of fun active things together but working out is NOT one of them!! 


Me and the Fry Daddy you see in the photo above laugh and play together like nobody’s business.  Day in and day out we engage in light hearted, serious, off color bets and games.  We do it all from the bowling alley, put put, ski ball and car racing.  We get our rock star on at concerts singing and dancing. We NEVER shy away from karaoke. We do our best to play outside at the lake, pool or beach and participate in any water sports available not limited to fishing.  We stalk dove, deer and hogs during hunting season. We travel, attend church, we socialize, we eat and will also participate in winter sports such as football, snow skiing, sledding and BUILDING snowmen. Our most recent adventure together was the water obstacle course.  We even sometime, on rare occasions, when the weather is perfect and Chicken Fry is bored out of his ever-loving mind, take walks together.  However, we do not, ever never ever, workout together.  Which really means, Mr. Chicken Fry is totally unaware we have a home gym.   

For starters, working out with Mr. Chicken Fry would be a total misfire.  His competitive nature would take over and he might hurt himself or my feelings in the process.  Why ruin a perfectly healthy rand happy relationship over a silly pair of muscles dumbbells?  Who cares that I happen to think his push up is pathetic?  So what that I can’t keep a straight face when he attempts a squat, lunge, bicep curl or any other motion in the gym?  It’s just not our thing!  Come on y’all we have been this way for almost 20 years and so shall it be!

Now for all of you Mr. Chicken Fry fans who think my words are harsh…trust me they  aren’t.  Comparatively speaking I’m only rightfully and bravely responding to the many years of verbal harassment I have endured.  After all, who cares that I can’t swing a golf club or make contact with the ball?  Does it really matter that Mr. Chicken Fry cringes and rolls his eyes any time I attempt throwing a ball?  So far, my lack of hand eye coordination has not affected my cooking or our love life!   I could be stretching the cooking part!  But hey, when its all said and done, what matters most,  is that I’m way ahead of him on kill shots.  BOOM!

All in all, I have ascertained that our couples therapy is certainly not lacking in love, humor or variety.  That’s right, we make love not workout!!!!!

How do you stay active with your spouse?   Keep it PG folks!

Love, high-five, & my Mr. Chicken Fry! 

Angi xo


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