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All Aboard the TruHealth Train

The most painful part of my training job is hands down when people don’t listen or practice my advice. I see it time and time again and sometimes week in and week out.  I watch my precious dedicated workout warriors come to the gym like clock work and train their hearts out.  They don’t give up and they hammer out hard workouts like a boss.  They don’t complain when it’s too hot or cold and they don’t whine a single bit.  This workout warrior is loyal and dedicated giving me nothing less than 110 percent effort in the gym.  What this warrior lacks is the same dedicated mentality in their DIET!  There, I said it..the dreaded D word.     DIET!!!

“I train and challenge each and every one my clients to the max but the one thing I can’t do for them is eat!  I have to draw the line somewhere. lol “

~ Angi Abercrombie 

People can slay it in the gym but slack on their DIET!  It’s painful to watch.  Why in the world do these amazing people invest their time and money to workout and not see it through to a FIT full fruition?  Why do they walk out of a sweat session and grab a greasy burger and fries or cook a rich cheesy pasta prima vera when they know it just deleted their hard work in the gym? It’s crippling!

Good news to all.  I have finally found an organic FAT loss system to help these and other people cross the bridge. I firmly believe it will turn the workout warriors into healthy eaters.  I believe the couch potatoes will be transformed into  beginner workout warriors.

It’s called TruHealth.  It is the bridge in the gap!  I have searched long and hard for a system that would help my friends and clients jump to the other side and adopt good eating and working out.  I wanted to endorse a good healthy organic product that would bridge the gap for so many who struggle with this area and  I finally found it.

TruHealth an organic food based fat loss system designed to help everyone lose fat and inches!!  There are proven results that even if you don’t change a thing, at first, you can still lose inches and drop fat without changing your lifestyle.  However, once one notice the changes it’s almost instinctive they desire to see more results and jump-start their ride on the TruHealth train.  

The TruHealth 30-Day Fat-Loss System is a comprehensive program made up of three core products: a nutritional shake, a body cleanse, and a fat loss capsule. Simple.


The TruHealth System is ideal for people who want to improve their body composition, overall health and everyday lifestyle using a flexible program that combines nutritious, whole foods with naturally sourced products and exercise. This system consists of specific instructions for two types of days: Cleanse Days and Nourish Days. By following the guidelines for each, you will begin to establish new habits that you can continue to incorporate into your daily routine to help build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Depending on your goals, you can follow this system for up to three consecutive months or you can repeat it once a quarter. Whichever path you choose, the TruHealth System is designed to inspire long-term, healthy eating habits and encourage an ongoing positive perspective on wellness.  Click here to find your way to the TruHealth Train → Abercrombie and FITness Tru Health.

Combine TruHealth with a regular exercise routine and watch your clothes fall off. Prepare for a future shopping spree because the TruHealth train will take you down down down! My favorite part is that its stimulant free and thermogenic (fancy word for producing heat) and plant-based.  It’s an all natural product designed to help you stay full from the fiber and flush out toxins and increase your metabolism the natural way!   

The people at Mannatech have taken done the hard part.  Thankfully they have done all the thinking and planning so anyone can follow this program—even you!

C stands for cleanse and N stands for nourish.  You pick your flavor of shake chocolate or vanilla and away you go!


If you identify with some my clients that struggle with eating a healthy diet, I believe that  TruHealth can help you.  Maybe you struggle with poor diet choices because of time, temptation or chronic bad habits.  Maybe it’s stress or long late workout hour or maybe you just love food. Whatever the reason I believe that TruHealth can and will work for you.

I have seen it work first hand with not one but two of  my workout warriors. Not to mention my dear friends Ray and Dianna Robbins.  Ray is 70 years old and was what I call fat and fantastically happy.  Ray and his lovely wife are active people who travel and live a sweet life.  Before Photos of Ray and Dianna.

Since February, Ray began taking TruHealth and today he has lost 7 inches and 40 pounds and Dianna lost 25 inches and 16 pounds.  Dianna works out with a trainer, Ray did not!  

Below are more progression pics!

You’re next and I can’t wait to see you FLEX!  

If you are thinking that this is just some new company that I found with a gimmick product you are wrong.  Mannatech has been serving customers for over 20 years old and has built a reputation on the science of glyconutrients. Mannatech is an established industry leader in health and wellness products all over the globe.  

Stay tuned for two client testimonials from real people on TruHealth. I put two of my Abercrombie and FITness workout warriors to the test and they accepted the challenge.  Three months on the plan and the results are amazing!  Hear their stories the good the bad and the ugly.  Nothing off limits.  Coming October.

Love, peace and cheers to your TruHealth.  

Angi xo







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