Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

I got one less problem…

I got one less problem WITH cardio!!  C*A*R*D*I*O!!!  You know, like walking, jogging, biking, running, skipping, rolling down a hill, swimming, frolicking in the grass, shooting hoops, volleyball, hiking, or playing tag with the kids, or maybe a family friendly game of football!

Without cardio we run the severe risk of many ugly and serious health factors such as and not limited to heart disease, obesity, lethargy, depression, joint and thyroid issues.  This is one nasty list of problems right?  I have enough problems as it is so if and when I can prevent a problem or twelve, I’m all over it like white on rice!

Cardio, as in cardiovascular exercise, is an integral piece in the “Trifecta of FITness.”  No one likes to likes to talk about it and very few people actually enjoy participating in it.  But, without some type of weekly dedicated cardio time our bodies just don’t act right.

Dog lovers, I know yall are walking your dogs because little Rover really needs his acivity time.   Some of yall take better care of your pets than you do yourself!   There is a huge reason why schools make recess and P.E a priority.  It’s because all kids need to expel all of their insurmountable energy, right?   Folks, just because you’re not a dog or well past adolescence doesn’t mean you get a hall pass from physical activity.   As we age, it’s actually more important we hit our cardio mark.  Duh, as adults we have way more pent-up hostility and stress from bills, kids, families, jobs, etc.  The  heart is begging for some form of frustration relief and power walking to bar is the wrong answer!

Ever heard of Orange Theory ?   It’s a highly popular trendy workout place that specializes in cardiovascular training.  It’s super successful right now because it basically forces people into a minimum of 40-50 min of high intensity cardio. BRILLIANT if you ask me.  If you need accountability in the cardio department, OT cis a kick butt hour of heart racing cardio that will leave you dripping with sweat.

So, this is where the rubber meets the road. The proverbial fork in the road if you will…   Are you going to eat a diet so clean and nutritious you don’t have to do cardio?  DOUBTFUL!  Are you willing to risk your health and the possibility of blood clots and weight gain?   HOPEFULLY NOT! Are you sick and tired of being exhausted all the time?    YES, YOU ARE! Fix the problem!   Get outside or dust off the treadmill and get to work! 

Girlfriend, you’re a natural-born problem solver.  Hello, if you’re a female solving problems is what we do best!   Solve your weight gain issue and start taking  your health seriously.  Take time, make time for some form of cardio twice a week.  You will have one less problem if you jog on the treadmill for 30 minutes today instead of mindless social media browsing. You will have one less problem if you walk around the neighborhood 5 times tonight.  You will have one less problem if you ride your bike to the park and back.  Cardio…it’s a problem solver!  

Love, peace and fight heart diesease… with CARDIO!


Angi xo

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