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Is FITness too expensive?

NO it’s not!!!

This question or notion is completely absurd.  The next time you hear someone say, “I just can’t lose weight because it’s way too costly,” (in a whiney whimpered voice) you have my permission to slap them back into reality!!  Pla-lease!

It drives me up the wall when people believe such idiotic lies.  Maybe for them it’s just another excuse to drop into their bad attitude bucket.  One thing I can promise, ANYONE can afford to get and live healthy!

Does this look too expensive to you?? I assure you it’s about a $3.59 nutritious meal when you break it all down. (grilled chicken, kale, sprinkles of pumpkin seeds and lemon) Made in my kitchen!

It’s my life’s mission to prove FITness right!

People…you CAN so get rid of the gut and butt without spending BIG BUCKS!

Care to compare!  The fast food chains of the world don’t care about your health or well-being.  What they care about is their bottom line and profit margins! They purposely appeal to your pocket-book. As Americans we are bombarded with $2 taco Tuesday and overloaded $5 French fry Friday and FREE upgrades on your jumbo double meat double cheese, super sized fries with the purchase of a fried apple pie!  There is a reason the food is so cheap…it’s terrible for your health!


#1) water is FREE and it just so happens it’s a mandatory factor for a healthy body.

Next time you eat out or heaven forbid drive thru a fast food joint or stop for gas, I want you to think twice about purchasing a $2 soda, or $1.50 ice tea, or $5 energy drink, or $3 gatorade, $5 frapachino or $4 juice, $5 beer or cocktail or $10 glass of wine.  Water with lemon is FREE!  

#2) the great outdoors is also FREE ninety-nine!  It cost you zero dollars to walk the city sidewalks and pound the pavement.  Your smart phone came with earbuds, so plug-in and hit the road for some cardio! Your community parks are a perfect opportunity to workout soak in some fresh air and enjoy the scenery!

#3) plyometrics aren’t pricey! You can perform plyometrics all day long and in the comforts of your home, apartment or office for FREE!   Push-ups, tricep dips, squats and lunges and crunches and planks don’t cost a single cent!  Chances are you have a cable provider and have an option with no added expense for a yoga video or workout something or other!  Check and see.  Do some investigating!


Now, Let’s talk loyalty cards. I’m a ginormous fan of the Tom Thumb loyalty club. I feel like I’m gambling in Las Vegas when it’s check out time.  I wait to enter my PIN number until the cashier  has totaled my bill,  then I plug-in my pin and watch the total count down down down!  It’s so fun!  I usually save $20-$60 a visit. I don’t play around y’all.  Each week I get an email from Tom Thumb and I click on all of the coupons which are automatically downloaded onto my loyalty card. It’s quick, easy and worth every penny in savings!  I also get crazy gas card rewards.  

#1) eggs are cheaper by the dozen and packed with protein!  You can make like a trillion different meals with a carton or two of eggs!   A dozen or dozen and a half eggs are under $4. Over two dozen eggs for less than $7 which is like 8-10 meals or 24-36 snacks if you boil and bag them under $2.50.  You can scramble,  fry, steam, blend serve as a sandwich or chop up a boiled egg for tuna salad or a topper!  Don’t be a chicken!

#2) a gallon of skim milk is $1.79.  It’s great for coffee, cereal, and is loaded with protein without the sugar and fat! GOT Milk? I drink from the JUG!  


#3) you can literally load up a grocery cart until it’s spilling over, with fruits and vegetables for under $60. Kale, onions, peppers, asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, celery, carrots, berries, oranges, pineapple, apples, grapes, lemons, lime, potatoes.  Load up!

***I try not to buy the pre packaged fruits or veggies or salads only because it’s MORE expensive!!! By investing about 15 minutes of work, I can save my dollars by cutting up pineapple, watermelon, strawberries and chopping lettuce or kale divining grapes!  

#4) a bag of frozen chicken breasts or large package of chicken is about $5-$7.  That’s 4-6 pieces or more of chicken compared to a crappy $5.67 cent drive through processed burger and fries. Also canned tuna is always on special. Last week I bought 4 cans for $6.
I dare you to compare a bag of ranch flavored Doritos to a bag of pretzels. price and or calories.  I assure you it is pennies if any cost difference.  A bag of Cheetos to a bag of edamame?   What about a frozen pizza or a stop at Taco Bell to a grilled chicken breast and brown rice.  Healthy wins at the bank and on the scale.  

#5) You can buy the biggest bag of brown rice at the grocery store for under $3. A staple side item that stretches and portions out for 6-7 days. Look at this value size of pretzels for $5.  Can’t beat it! Perfect side item for lunch or a snack.

#6) A bag of nuts can seem expensive but they go along way if you only have a small handful a day!  Nuts make a great snack or afternoon treat and always add crunch and flavor as a salad topper. Edamame is a soy bean that you can steam and eat as a snack!

#7) Beer and wine can wreck a pocket-book and your waist line. I know I just lost a lot of people right here!  Listen up,  A six-pack carrier of decent wine is basically $75 or more. This is operating under the assumption you are dining at home.  It’s more like $100 a week if you drink while dining out at a restaurant or sports bar.  It’s high dollar because you get railed in for happy hour specials!  It’s a SCAM!

#8) Hangovers cost time and money!  If you accidentally drink too much you are certainly not very product the next day.  Not to mention energized about making a workout. If you really over indulge most likely you will miss work altogether and now your logging on pounds and no productivity. Cut out drinking during the week and save a wad of cash. 

#9) Buy protein bars and shakes in bulk.  Protein bars. Check out BAR WARS!  Drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar for breakfast or as a meal replacement is way more economical than a fast food stop.  A box of 12 Quest Bars is $24 dollars.  that’s $2 a bar.  Premier protein shakes are delicious and I buy from Cost Co.

How to make FITness cost-effective and work FOR you!

Does your job or place of employment offer health and wellness discounts?  It’s highly possible that your employer or your spouse’s employer offer gym membership discounts.  Check and see!

Does your job title offer local discounts?  For instance, police, firemen, teachers and students almost always get special rates and discounts.  It’ like a real thing! For instance as a gym owner and trainer I receive discounts on workout equipment and active wear at participating places. 

Are you currently a member of a church, country club or association with health benefits such as a weight room or workout facility?  This is something you are already invested in so make it work for you.

Keep in mind that you’re the consumer or customer!!!! In my experience, I have noticed that gym memberships are ALWAYS negotiable. Some gyms will try to sell you a package with a costly monthly fee.  If you’re not going to use the pool, sauna or steam and hot tub , don’t go to a fancy big box club!!!  Find a gym that caters to your needs. Larry North Fitness is a local mid-sized premier health club with several locations offering group classes and a fine facility with low monthly dues.  Think about your monthly dues and then think about what you spend on one bottle of wine!

If you hate to workout alone and you need or want a trainer find or search local trainers and small studio gyms. Abercrombie and FITness offer group and private training classes.  Some trainers offer small group classes for 6-8 week boot camps for UNDER $25 a session.

But what will I wear?  If you have a pair of tennis shoes, a sports bra , t-shirt and pair of shorts or leggings you’re set!  Of course I know the drill, you want something new to inspire you!  Kohl’s , Old Navy and Target have adorable and affordable workout clothes!  Kohls carries name brands such as Nike and Adidas. Target and Old Navy brands hold up well and are a great bargain.


I have not one time mentioned ORGANIC food!  Organic food is valuable but not mandatory!!!
Eat at home. It’s better food and way healthier for you not to mention cost-effective. It may involve a little labor but it’s worth it to reach your FITness goal.

Stop eating out during the week and save that money for a trainer or a monthly membership at a gym.  Face it, you need accountability and now you can afford it because your packing your lunch and dinner eating at home.  You’re welcome!

Be a smart shopper and use coupons for groceries and or active wear.   Shop the sales!  Check groupon and ask your HR person what connections they have for health and wellness discounts.

Don’t go crazy…you only need one pair of tennis shoes to start and maybe two workout outfits.

See, I told you!  FITness is NOT too expensive.



All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Love, peace and may your muscles increase!  

Angi xo

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