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Steadfast FITness

When you’re committed to a FIT lifestyle the heart beats in a new rhythm.  A steadfast heart is a heart that will not, under any circumstance, fall away from FITness.  This is not to be confused with a now and again cheat meal. ♥ Regardless of the uncertain uproar going on, no matter how much pressure is applied, the goal is to keep a FITessential daily routine focused on a healthy LIFESTYLE.

Like the heart♥, life doesn’t stop beating. Unlike the FAT camp reality shows, life is bustling with everything and anything under the sun.  When fully engrossed in conversion FITness mode you aren’t shielded in a glass bubble from the daily grind.  The outside world keeps coming with fully loaded darts.  You still gotta get up and go to work and do ALL the things that your busy life entails.

Steadfast FITness means you have an “in it to win it” mindset. All the while, you’re operating at your usual clip.  You are still making the meals or lunches, driving the carpool, dealing with stress at your job, parenting a defiant teenager, driving in traffic, hustling to make a meeting, chasing the toddler, rushing through an airport for a plane and managing the never ending to do list.  Where ever you are in your life FITness will follow you.  So if you are the business road warrior traveling all over the map in and out of hotels and airports there is a way!    If  you sit at a desk, passing your co-workers candy bowl and eat lunch out with the office gang there is still a way.  If you are a stay at home mom feeding and pacifying cranky toddlers, there is a way.  Despite the temptations and circumstances you juggle, you CAN maintain  a steadfast FIT mind-set.  Here’s how!

You make better bad choices.  You make simple savvy selections.  You meal prep.  You stock your drawers, brief case, purse, car, gym bag, desk and lunch box with healthy options such as protein bars, nuts, pretzels, tuna, turkey, boiled eggs and edamame. The goal is to create a metabolism that mimics this brilliant burning camp fire!  Keep good food flowing into your body which will create a fat burning furnace!  →→BLAZE of Glory


Meal Plan & FIT Tips

This packet of information is a real meal ticket to weight loss and healthy living. Contained is detailed info on protein bars, protein shakes, what and what not to eat, tips on how to order healthy at restuant and more!



You’re committed and doing all the healthy things to keep your FITmentum moving.   But wait, what if you have a bad day?  What if somethings goes haywire at the office?  Suppose a kid gets sick or an argument sparks between you and your roommate or spouse.  Maybe you have circumstantial stress from caregiving for a special needs child or elderly loved one.  LIFE trucks on and keeps coming all the while your starting a new “get healthy” routine and want to throw in the towel on day two.

Listen up lovely lady…channel the pain or the stress and use it as your FITervention mantra.

If you squeeze a tube of toothpaste what comes out?  Toothpaste, right?  Same thing with a jar of peanut butter or bottle of shampoo.  When pressure is applied to the tube,  the contents of whatever is inside is what comes out.


All access to monthy recorded total body workouts. 3-4 a week instructor led instructional workouts for all FITness levels. Includes a meal plan.


Steadfast FITness requires filling yourself /surrounding yourself with an overflow of positive choices.  Choices for healthy nutritious food and workout mantra’s to keep you motivated.   Steadfast FITness is sustainable energy so when the pressure is on, you are able to rise above and stay on point.  Pursuit of the objective. Mr. Chicken Fry would say, be the ball.”  Eye on the prize!  Find an accountability partner who is like minded.  A solid friend or family member who will dispense positive encouragement into your life.  Read FITness blogs and magazines that keep you interested and engaged.  Saturate yourself into FITness land.

Steadfast FITness is ordering off the menu in front of your friends and/or co-workers. ‘I’d like a grilled chicken breast…dry no butter or oil please.  I would like a side of your steamed vegetables and rice without butter and yes it’s ok if you charge me $1 more for the sides.”

Steadfast FITness is… refusing to eat fast food!  It’s paying close attention to the nutrition labels in the grocery store.  It’s substituting water with lemon for soda. It’s grocery shopping and stocking up on healthy snacks and fresh produce to prepare and lean meats to grill.  It’s never drinking sugary juice.  It’s taking the stairs and parking far away.  It’s taking the back lash and lip service from your friends. It’s bringing sweaty BACK!

Steadfast FITness is doing three more reps with a SMILE because your trainer said so!

Steadfast FITness is working out and pushing through the  exhaustion from your busy week.  It’s make it to the gym even when you don’t want to go.  It’s choosing to workout even when it’s rainy and yucky outside.  (you can hibernate after the workout)  It’s an against the current warrior mentality. It’s a focus…AND IT PAYS OFF!  It’s working out where ever you are!  

Steadfast FITness is being prepared and dressing for the occasion.  Doll, I know that we women work out tails off to find the perfect prom dress, Easter outfit, Gala event dress.  WE buy the jewesl, shoes, etc…FITness is the same way!  Ditch the mom jeans for some workout/yoga pants.  Buy some new kicks and suit up for FITness.  If you work, pack a gym bag and keep it in your car or under the desk.  Buy one or two new items that honor your mindset and committment to exercise.  Shed the old raggedy workout clothes for one killer workout top or pants and wear it till it falls off or begins to smell!

Steadfast FITness makes time.  Let’s be real, we make time to do what we want to do.  We make time to sit and watch a four-hour SuperBowl or a 4 hour red carpet show like the Oscars. We schedule time with our friends and colleagues.  We don’t dare miss our hair or nail appointment.

Why is your health any different?  Steadfast FITness finds time for a 30 minute workout.  Take the lunch hour and make it a workout hour.  Get up 45 minutes earlier.  Workout while your kids are playing at the park.  Find the time.  Hunt for the time like you would hunt for a lost diamond earring!  There’s the spirit!

Easter candy has already taken over the store shelves.  It’s a complete scam. Don’t buy or bite into it!   The pressure is on to grab a handful of colorful M&M’s or a Cadbury egg.  Remember, You’re the tube of toothpaste.  Make a savvy selection such as a chocolate protein shake or protein bar.  Don’t succumb to the chocolate bunny.  You nip the chocolate fix in the bud and in return get a high protein snack.   When everyone is diving into the chips and salsa you’re having corn tortillas and salsa.  That’s how you roll baby…steadfast and FIT!

You a rock! 

Love, kick a** and stay steadfast!

Angi xo


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