Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Obsessed (video)

Good Monday morning everyone.  YAWN… What’s on your agenda this week?  I’m super pumped and excited for Tuesday because I have a breakfast schedule with my long time friend and mentor Larry North.  I’m going to take a tour of his new eclectic state of the art gym in Preston Center.

Y’all, updating/ revamping my blog has been a HUUUGE undertaking.  I took a leap last week and stepped through an invisible window right into a full-blown obsessive time warp.  Every free moment has turned into countless hours staring at a computer screen trying to configure wordpress.  

It’s not that WordPress isn’t user-friendly, it’s just that I’m 43 years old and hell-bent on “doing it myself” and hurry up already mode. This is a lethal combo.  

I thought perhaps I would learn something and after all how hard can it be? I wouldn’t  call it hard per say, more like mind numbing challenging.   What would take a college kid 30 minutes has surely cost me my vision, patience and some sanity.

I’m not a dumb bunny but the customize features and tools are mind-boggling.  The cryptic code, links and menu choices are overwhelming.  BUT I have managed to ALMOST figure it out.  I pushed past my comfort zone.  Who knew I needed a Harvard engineering degree with an emphasis in space aeronautics and minor in mathematical coding logistics.

I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon staring at the computer screen talking to myself. I reverted to my gym mantra. Practice…perseverance and slow and steady progress.  Until my eye balls started to cross I gave it my best shot. What do you think so far?  I needed some fresh air and took a video of my break out sweat session.  Check it out and get in on the action.​​​  That teen queen of mine came in mid-video and stole the show!  I love this beautiful girl!  ♥

Dead lifts on the BOSU, deep squats back and forth (keep your butt down), heel to butt kicks, (kickin your own BUTT) followed up by push ups using the BOSU. Do each set for 30 seconds to one minute. Repeat for 4 sets. ​

​Ab segment: weighted hand to foot crunches, weighted crunches chin to ceiling, elbow to knee hip thrust, reverse crunches. Do each segment 30 seconds 5 times.

Later, Saturday evening my family joined some friends for what was supposed to be a casual back yard barbecue.  I offered up dessert, which could only mean one thing…bring on the lemon bars!  I was in the mood for sweets!  Must be that girly time of month…unfortunately, I can’t flow it down.  

I also made a super simple low cal, “you too can do it” salad.  Your going to love this!  It’s packs a protein punch and very unlike me…because I was preparing this for a group of people, I actually poured in the dressing.  I’ll allow it when your hosting or brining a salad to a group gathering. ​

​Mixed greens, cashews, coconut shavings, sliced apples chunks, plain quinoa and balsamic vinaigrette!  Toss it up and it’s ready to serve. You can top it with lean grilled chicken or fresh smoked/ grilled salmon. It’s fresh, zesty and even Mr. Chicken Fry likes it!  After dinner, I caught him creeping toward the desert,  I watched him make a fork like bee line for the fudge brownie. 


Yall, when we left our house it 78 degrees outside.  When we walked out to come home, the temperature had dropped to a chilly 48 degrees. Only in Texas!   This is most likely while I felt like crud all day yesterday.  Sluggish puffy and stuffy from allergy season.

Sunday afternoon I took the day off from programming. The wind outside was blowing like a cagillion miles an hour which gave me permission to relax. I enjoyed an awesome lazy Sunday morning snuggling with my family followed by a no-nonsense brunch.

This is my very favorite omelet in the world. Siena Cafe in Coppell Texas located just minutes down the street.  They make me a custom omelet just he way I like it.   Four eggs one yolk three whites with chicken, spinach, peppers and Tabasco.  Don’t be alarmed by the hash browns, I didn’t touch them or order them for that matter. Bless her heart, our sweet waitress was experiencing some unfortunate drama/ harassment from another table. When she came to take our order she was teary and frazzled. We told her to take a deep breath…take a minute, and regroup.  I also offered to beat them up for her!  I think in her offensive state she accidentally brought me hash browns. I didn’t touch them.  My carb was an english muffin with honey.

After the healthy breakfast I took the teen queen for some girly maintenance.  Arch Brows threading & Spa in Coppell is a full service wax, thredding, eyebrow and eyelash, microblading joint. A girls got to do what a girls got to do. We both have blonde eyebrows and lashes. Therefore in the Summer months without mascara and eyebrows to frame our face we look like albinos. I of course, I do it myself with Just for Men Beard tint but teen queen is way to afraid.  She won’t come near me so I shell out the dollars to the pros!   I spent the remainde of the day like this….woudln’t have it any other way.  My cup runneth over.

Happy Hamstring Monday.  Have an ABtastic week!  Let me know what you think of my quickie workout combos.  

Love, lift and stay FIT.


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