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Oscar challenge workout 2 (video)

Are you into character?   Are you ready to take your cue?  Take a few minutes, if you like and do what you gotta do to prepare.

Lights, Camera , ACTION…



  • Bicep curls (hammer style and twist at the top) 20 reps
  • Burpees 20 reps (add push up at the bottom for extra)
  • Deadlift curl press 20 reps. 
  • Hip thrusts (one leg at a time). 15 each leg
  • Full anchored or unanchored sit ups with a twist at the top.  (twist all reps to right then to the left)  25 reps
  • Bicep pulses from bottom to half way up. 1 minute
  • Cherry pickers with a heavy kettle bell  – 20 reps
  • Plank – from elbows for 1 minute

Repeat 3-5 times

This routine is a bicep beat down and heavy on the hamstrings. You can do it.    



I certainly don’t live on a celebrity salary but I do all I can to stay FIT and looking my best.  I recently found an “A list” skin care routine that has turned my flesh around without breaking my budget.  Check it out. 

→REMEVERSE  is a skin care line offering remedy, reversal and results.  The cleanser is out of this world.  It is a cleanser, toner, exfoliant in one.  (hello time saver) I literally went from having little black bumps to clear even skin in t12 weeks.   The day and night cream add in moisture which is a HUGe benefit since I  sweat a lot.  RemeVerse is an all natural skin care routine with FDA approval.  

My new favorite new product in the line up is HydraMist.  It’s a spritz of moisture with hyluronic acid which holds and retains moisture. It’s refreshing and will make your skin look dewy fresh. You can use it anytime of the day or night. For more info or ordering information  click here →REMEVERSE.  

Skin care is a crucial part of health and wellness.  Keep drinking a ton of water  to help reduce inflammation and adds years to your skin. →These are a few of my favorite things is also a star studded list of my favorite health and wellness goodies.  Everything from workout gear, clothes and skin care.  

You’re a star!  

And, as they say in show biz…break a leg!


Ps If you missed it, here is yesterday’s workout →Workout #1.     Next workout will post Friday (three work outs a week)  Don’t forget your cardio cutie pie!  



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