Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

Confidence & Laugher

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is CONFIDENCE!

But what exactly is it?

Can confidence be order up like a shot of whiskey or a double tall double strong cup of coffee?  Do you purchase it off the streets from an underground black market dealer or in the bowels of the dark web?

Is confidence liquid courage found in a cocktail or glass or two of wine?

WHERE does it come from?

Is having a strong self-esteem a built-in molecular DNA strand?  Or is confidence a  manufactured lifestyle?

Is self-confidence really “self” or is it purley perception?

The belief is…someone with confidence exudes cool but not to cocky with a dash of ‘I’ve got this”.

Which completely RULES ME OUT!

If you have had the great pleasure of experiencing motherhood, then you know that self-assurance is an impossibility. From the second they are born, self doubting seems to come with the territory.  All decision-making is questioned and mulled over for hours because you are NO longer SURE about anything!!!   (much less the way you look and feel as a woman)

Through the eyes of the child or teenager, a parent may appear to know it all and have it all going on which is only a staged facade. But isn’t this the case in life in general?

Confidence I believe, is captured through experiences.  Day to-day living and breathing vets more self confidence.  It’s worth noting that self-esteem looks different for every individual and can easily be misunderstood and or misinterpreted.


Is a woman in expensive high heels and a law degree automatically confident? Can a woman be equally self confident in a pair of sweats with no makeup?

YES and where is why!

Confidence is internal and sometimes circumstantial. It’s wildly attractive and yet sometimes arrogant.

Just before this picture was taken I was feeling all kinds of insecurity.  First off I was attending a Gno (girls night out)  with an unfamiliar group of ladies.  We were all standing around having  “get to know you” chit-chat over champagne waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.  The party was being held in a luxurious suite at Hotel Zaza in downtown Dallas and everyone was dolled for the occasion.  Did I mention it was freezing outside?


The girls who didn’t know me, may or may not have perceived that by flaunting a white fur coat that I had bold confidence.  What they do not know is that I’m simply sporting my delightful bethrowed hand me down because a fur coat does it job! Almost any time the weather dips below 45, I will pull out a fur coat to keep me warm.  I love how cozy a fur coat feels.  And while I know it looks audacious and over the top, I don’t mind it so long as I don’t freeze!  Now, every time I make the choice to go out wearing a fur coat (which isn’t often in Texas) I feel slightly insecure because the stigma of a fur coat is so over the top.

On one hand I had complete self-assurance that the coat will keep me warm but that doesn’t always trump the sad fact that I felt a bit corny and unsure.   I tell myself to own it and not to worry but I do.  I guess I’m worried that people are looking at me like I just stepped out of a rap video or that I’m trying to be someone who I’m not. But why do I care and does it even matter what they think?

This also goes for swimsuit season.  I exercise and workout.  As a result, one of the perks is the result of a lean hard physique.  When Summer rolls around it’s nice to feel bikini body ready but is anyone really ever “confident” in two slivers of material covering their private parts?  I’m not!

It’s weird but somehow year after year resort pool after pool, beach after beach, lake after lake, we de-robe and get into position.

Sure I post pictures and display myself by the pool but bravery and confidence are not the same thing.

When does a house become a HOME?   The answer isn’t; after it’s furnished or once it’s painted or remodeled.  A house doesn’t become a HOME, until the residents move in and start doing life.  When personal touch and stories start to spin in the space…that is when a house becomes a home.

Confidence is all about how you wear the skin you are in!  How a person lives their authentic self in the space of their skin.  The maturity of living in my skin comes with experience.  The the longer I live and do life, the more confident I become. ~ Angi 

I carry the most confidence when I’m in the moment laughing and smiling.

I love to laugh and listen to the sounds of boisterous laughter. Laughing is my comfort zone.

Have you ever noticed that no two people laugh the same? I think laughter is God’s organic sense of humor handed down and individually imprinted on our vocal chords. Like fingerprints but with sound.

Which reminds me…how much I love when your laughing so hard but nothing will come out because you can’t breathe.

I throughly enjoy making people laugh and appreciate when someone is really really funny!

Having a sense of humor is important to me.

When do I feel most confident?

When I pray!

My quiet space with Jesus is my life line to any amount of self esteem I have.   Odd as it may sound I feel ultra confident when I daily approach HIS throne. Doing this keeps me in alignement with HIS plan and purpose for my life.  When I start to second guess myself or allow my mind to bend with aneixty and worry…keeping in constant communicaiton with Jesus is my ticket. His Holy Spirit trancends my earthly concerns and helps me build on peace, power and truth.


When I have the attention of a small audience and they laugh at a one of my quirky stories.


When I do something awesome like clean mud off of a white comforter with a toothbrush!  No joke!

Last week our dog had been outside and jumped on our bedspread and imprinted a large area of muddy dog prints. I was oddly calm and collected. I didn’t lose my mind like Mr. Chicken expected.  I said “just let it dry”  The next day, I muscled up with two small dish bowls and a toothbrush.  Locked and loaded!  One dish contained scalding hot water.  The  other dish had one squirt of dawn and 10 sprays of shout.  Slowly I dipped the tooth-brush into the chemicals and rubbed on the mud stains.  Immediately the mud lifted and vanished.  I followed up with a light scrub of the hot water to remove a soap stain.  In less than 15 minutes any trace of mud was gone!

Who knew a little DIY could make a girl feel so good?  This must be why bloggers are booming!


Working out!  I know it forward and backward.  I may not always be strong enough to do all reps or do a certain exercise but I feel confident in and around a gym environment.

When  I’m with Mr. Chicken Fry.

It ‘s actually Mr. Chicken Fry himself who lived by example.  He truly lives his authentic life.  His character has taught me how to live with confidence just by being my REAL true self.  No games, no false pretenses just be myself because that’s all anyone has to be.

YOU, doing you!

Love,  live in your own skin and bottle it from within.

Angi xo


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