Bringing Sweaty Back, Muscles and Mascara

In a world…

I hope you’re holding up your end of the bargain and using my NEVER CHEAT AGAIN tools. If you didn’t catch it…please check it out. Never Cheat Again (part 1 of 3)Never Cheat Again (part 2 of 3)Never Cheat Again (part 3 of 3).

Basically, I hold your hand and walk you through a step by step plan of attack against tempting unhealthy foods.

I also promised a follow-up post…so be on the look out tomorrow for CHEAT WAVE. A super exciting piece on what, how and when you can actually PLAN for a cheat meal.

Until then, I hope you have experienced a blessed and unstressed week of healthy eating and challenging workouts.

Please read the next paragraphs as if you’re the movie trailer man!

In a dark world of…

fried foods, cheese smothered on everything in sight and options to super size…

It’s evil and no one is immune. It comes in savory butter form and also in rich cream sauce. It knows no bounds or borders, the enchilada, for crying out loud, is proof.

It’s forms are limitless from smelly bar room cigarettes to bright pool side sugary umbrella drinks. It lurks behind brownies, BLUE BELL, gooey lemon squares and Sprinkles vending machine cup cakes. No one is safe.

It yanks at your heart-strings and comfort zone via leggings, Spanx, comfy pj pants and sweats not to mention Netflix, video on demand and $.99 2 liter sodas and WINE!  

It’s vile and appears out of thin air during stress, grey winter days, holidays, birthdays and or spring allergy season.  It’s relentless and will follow you to big sporting events and social gatherings 


One woman…with a mental mission and only 48 hours… Can she?
Will she be able to end the torture and save all women kind from… (BOM BOM BOMMMM)


STOP it in its tracks….

RATED CMA (for comedic mature serious audiences only)  

Love, movies and put down the cookies

Angi xo


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    1. My goal is to star on saturday night live…DUH ! I want to be the first ever non professional actress to host!! make it happen will ya? Write Lorne Michael for me! lol

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