Bringing Sweaty Back, I don't cook


Need snack or meal replacement ideas?  Tired of the same old hum drum lunch and dinners?   Go liquid.

It is important to use caution when ordering a low cal high protein smoothie.  Once you have it down, all in all smoothies are a “simple savvy selection” (aka better bad choice) and meal replacement option.  My advice on the weight loss smoothie is to stay away from the bananas, peanut butter, chocolate and fruit juices. Stick with skim milk or  water based smoothies.  Add in plenty of strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, mangos and an extra scoop of protein.   Try and use only fresh ingredients.

Sometimes the best smoothie is the one you make yourself. Did you know that you can make your own low cal smoothie with yogurt?  My baby girl teenager schooled me on this little trick.  Grab a vanilla Yoplait light or an Activia yogurt and dump it into the blender, add ice, skim milk and a dab of oatmeal and or whey protein powder, fresh blue berries and vwah la, a homemade smoothie.Sa Sa Sa smoothie!  Is it just me or do smoothies get a bad rap?  True, one can easily fall into a trap when ordering a smoothie.  Before you know it, you have loaded up on a bunch of useless ingredients and a sugar rush from heck.  Smoothies, much like a salad bar, require skill.   You can over do it and blow your daily/ weekly calorie intake in one measley salad.  blueberry smoothie

gallery ids=”6006,6009″ type=”rectangular”]Shake shake shake, make your own shake!  Protein shakes are also very easy to make at home.  Buy a tub of your favorite flavored whey protein powder and blend away.  A few scoops of protein mixed with water or skim milk, ice (if needed) and fresh fruit for added flavor or my favorite, honey.  BOOM!  Protein greatness at your service.healthy_breakfast_smoothies_for_kids

Honey, the soup’s on. So what that winter is behind us. You can still enjoy soup in the Spring.  Soup is warm and full of vegetables and protein. One wise warning, steer clear of cream based soups. Stick with broth based stews and soups packed with turkey, chicken or beef and tons of vegetables. Tom Thumb, Market Street and Kroger food stores always have fresh soups made daily ready to take home.  No mess to clean up…you’re welcome.

If you feel a spring chill in the air, have some chili.  I prefer turkey chili prepared spicy.  Brown some ground turkey meat and add fresh tomatoes, peppers and green chilis and the special seasonings.   Beans and meat are high in protein so have two bowls.  Don’t you dare ruin it by adding cheese and sour cream.  Enjoy this hearty flavorful dlacroixish without the cheese.  You can do it!

I talk all the time about how important water is.  How vital it to drink water all day long!  I get bored with ice water and need some different outlets.  I add some sparkle to the day with La Croix Sparkling Water.  They offer a variety of flavors.  Grapefruit is my favorite. Vitamin water ZEROs are my second choice.  

Also, have a look at these alternative liquids I drink from the jug! , and To juice or NOT to juice???

Love, liquidate and feel great!

Angi xo

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