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Set RESOLUTION but now experiencing severe to moderate anxiety!

First week of January in the books…How did it go?

I hope you didn’t do what I think you did?!?!

Don’t do it! Don’t do it!

Whatever you do…DO NOT set your pretty little self up for shame and disappointment. If you are contemplating weight loss or living a more active lifestyle for your beautiful self make sure you give yourself ample time!

Time! TIME!

Take a minute to establish a realistic goal that’s reward based! WE DESERE IT AFTER 2020!

Think back to when you pottied trained your child!  A smart mama like you offered an incentive! The same applies for a go getter like yourself.  Maybe it’s a new smaller outfit, or a destination or a cheat meal…but make a choice and go big or go home! 

Ladies I get it. We often feel super charged and all kinds of accomplished the weekend after we clear out and put away the Christmas decorations. As a byproduct, we catch a small buzz burst from our clean mantles and spaces. It’s like a mini supercharge power and with this we start making all kinds of plans and lists. But this false contact clean up high can leave you in the dumps with a terrible hang that you will never get over if you don’t approach it with patience.

The word resolution should be banned from our vocabulary. It’s scary and can cause much anxiety. After all January in of itself can be a dark cold long month. The additional pressure of a health resolution only adding to the stress doesn’t do anyone favors.

It causes PANIC and anxiety.

Think of it this way…

If you’re a mom, you have the capability for patience. It’s built in and comes during pregnancy.  Put it into practice and approach your transformation like you would or did your  toddler.

At first, new toddlers struggle to walk. They fall, they stand up, they hold on, they hold hands and eventually turn their toddling into walking. As a parent you wouldn’t dream of looking into the face of a toddler to say…“hey buddy, you fell twice this morning so give it up, you will never learn to walk.” You know better!

Instead we boost their confidence with oogly googly encouraging baby talk. Lovingly offering a helping hand. A decent parent would never set an unrealistic goal for a child who’s learning to walk. Listen up billy if you don’t walk across the room without falling then you will just stay in your play plen all day long.  HEck no…Any parent knows that the baby child will ultimately put one foot in front of the other and keep on trucking.

So will you beautiful girl. I know it!  I know that with my helping hand you will reach your weight loss and fitness goals.  It’s all about traction not resolutions!  Think traction.  

To dodge depression you have to take it slow like a toddler. I, Angi Abercrombie, I’m your parent and I know you’re capable of getting the FLUFF OFF! It’s 12 weeks in front of you! It’s completely possible. You might fall and experience a few bruises along the way but ultimately you will reap change!

Now, if you fly out of the starting gates too fast and come in a little too hot you could potentially burn out before you burn through. TRACTION…the goal is little by little baby steps. Two-three pounds a week. Safe and effective weight loss the healthy way using moderate balanced diet and exercise.

Set a goal to drink less or quit drinking through the week.

Set a goal to exercise two days a week.

Set a goal to EVOLVE! 

Once you’re in a routine you will get stronger and be able to sustain more workout time.  Whatever you do don’t GIVE UP!

Don’t give up! Practice makes perfect. Every workout, every power walk, every fruit and vegetable you put into your mouth stacks up. It works! But it doesn’t happen overnight!

Don’t have a panic attack if by February 14th you aren’t supermodel skinny. Instead use this special date as a reward for all of your hard earned sweat equity. Celebrate the accomplishments even if small in your eyes. Think back to that toddler and how your voice got so fired up as you joyously observed their steps.

Don’t resolve to do it all right away. If eating good is the hardest part for you begin with exercise or vice versa. Build some momentum in the first month. Then add to it month two gradually increasing your chances for dropping unwanted pounds.

Avoid severe to moderate depression by igniting your metabolism. 

Slow steady progress is the key to optimal sustainable health!


No slippery slope resolution fall out on my watch.   

I for one will be picking one word to work on all year long! A word that I can relate to, grow with, and will be my internal nudge. I will post on it the gym, bathroom, my car, and reminder on my phone and in my wallet!

Let’s CRUSH 2021! BRING THE intention, get some traction and CRUSH IT!


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My word last year was DELIBERATE ! Some words I’m tossing around for 2021 are fearless, no boundaries, FIGHT, VIGOR…

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